Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai – A Book Review

Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai… a novel with mix of all different ingredients possible. It has all the masala for a bollywood movie!

The story starts slow, with a good introduction to characters and description of a typical Mumbai middleclass background. The story is a first person narrative by the hero Babloo (Balwant Srivastava). Babloo’s strange nature distances him from his family members much to his distress. The girl he loves, Vandana, however accepts him the way he is. There is romance with mellow and gentle feel. With Vandana’s acceptance as his strength, and his latent power and courage (which he discovers by chance), he manages to fight his way out in life, facing and tackling all ups and down. In the process he gets into some complex situations. There is violence, treachery and sex. The hero’s stunts with the bad men Sikander and other local goons can be visualized well with his explanation. There is kindness, thankfulness and generosity which give a good feel to the story.

The hero suffers from autism but no direct mention is made of it. So the initial portions will be a little perplexing, especially to the reader who is not aware of this medical condition. As the story progresses it picks up speed and thrill. Language flow is smooth and simple. This is Rishi Vohra’s first novel and he has done a good job with it.

 I found the “Railman” concept similar to “Spiderman”; how a reporter is rescued by him and how she pursues him for interviews… there the similarity ends. The plot twists and turns and surprises with every turn of page. Law finally catches up with the Railman and how the reporter fights for him makes a very interesting and engaging read. I found it difficult to put the book down in these chapters. Salmaan Khan should fit the role well I thought as I raced on through the pages.

Whether she succeeds or not is for you to read and find!

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