Olomouc Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic

When I try to recollect memories of Olomouc in Czech Republic the first thing that comes to mind is the great astronomical clock on Olomouc’s town hall. It performs every hour and we saw its little drama twice that evening we were there. I had mentioned two other unique clocks before: one in Switzerland here and other in Vienna here.

This clock at Olomouc is unique because of its socialist look. The original clock got destroyed in WWII bombing and this look is from the touch up and repairs it got during the communist rule in mid twentieth century. The characters of the drama that takes place at every stroke of hour are not saints or kings but laborers, farmers, workers. Various characters from daily walk of life are made in mosaic patterns.

The various clocks show the day of the week, month, phase of the moon and a star map which revolves to indicate the visible part of the night sky. On the upper dial are the four seasons, and the twelve houses of the zodiac representing the twelve segments of the sky. Against this background revolve the earth and the other five planets known at the time. You can see the drama in the clipping below.

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