Of Summer Plans And Google Maps

While I am still in my woolens I start my plans on how to spend the summer. Most often I end up deciding to travel. Touring new destinations in new countries has been a great experience in the past few years. Planning the itinerary was easier each time because of Google Maps. Since we hire a car to tour the different countries, it becomes all the more necessary that we are aware of the exact route.

Of the many route planner sites available online, we have relied mostly on maps.google.com , a user friendly site. The tool provides very relevant data related to traveling. Between two desired spots to be seen, several routes are suggested and highlighted with almost accurate distances and time taken to cover them. This makes it easier to choose and schedule our visits. I always take a peep into the city with Street View to get the digital experience beforehand!

Nothing remains a secret! What I plan and which places are most sought after as tourist destinations, all information gets tracked and recorded. I was surprised to read the blogpost: We know what India did this summer!

The picture above has the complete statistics of what Indians searched for the most in Google maps in summer 2012! It gives the information on popular destination searches by Indians. ‘Tourist attractions’ top the Google search chart in India and among the landmarks the swanky new ‘Yamuna Expressway’ between Delhi and Agra was most sought after.

Not just India, Google has compiled information of searches with Google Maps from different countries all over the world and presented in this post: Google Maps shows how we spent summer 2012. It makes quite an interesting analysis and comparisons of the places sought after by users.

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