Of Jasmine buds and Water Lily flowers

I don’t have a garden to do gardening. This is one of the pleasures one has to give up to stay in high rise apartments. But then, the urge to see something green growing around me and something to tend to with my own hands was always there. And obviously the balconies became my miniature gardens. I have not done any major vegetable gardening but there are few flowering plants. And my efforts are on to turn this balcony garden into a gorgeous garden.

Two of my balconies face the southeast so it receives the maximum of morning sun light. (This is one of the important factors you have to keep in mind if you intend starting a balcony garden.) I have placed few potted plants in these balconies. My small collection of plants keep me happy and reasonably engaged.

My Jasmine plant is of the small and yellow variety, I have this single variety only. It is also called the Japanese jasmine (Jasminum Mesnyi). It is not a climber and still small, but soon I will have to provide it with some kind of support as it gains height.

There are few other varieties of Jasmine and the flowers have different types and arrangement of petals. I have collected a few shots of different jasmine flowers during my tips to nurseries and I am sharing them with you here. The single round of petals in the common white Jasmine is the common variety and grows easily too.

String of Jasmine flowers.

Below is the Jasmine of the five round petals variety. Jasmine symbolizes amiability, feminine sweetness and beauty. When Vasco da Gama returned from his circumnavigation of the globe in the sixteenth century, he brought home a small, fragrant, white flower from the Far East. Italian brides often wear a sprig of jasmine flower on their wedding day, hoping for good luck. Jasmine is the national flower of Pakistan.

This is a shot of the seven round petals jasmine flower.

And below is the star jasmine variety. Just in case you are motivated enough to grow a jasmine plant, you can check out the tips here. These varieties need sun or light shade and wet, moist soil. They are easy to grow in Indian climatic conditions and you are assured of fresh flowers regularly for Puja.

There are so many colors of water lily available to the extent that you can choose the color variety to go with your balcony garden settings. The Lily plant I have is of the purple color variety. It is called the Nil Mahanel flower in Sri Lanka and the botanical name is Nymphaea Stellata. It was declared as the national flower of Sri Lanka on 26th Feb 1986. Here are a few snaps of the purple water lily from my balcony garden.

The Lily flower symbolizes purity and innocence, and as the flower of the Resurrection and of the Virgin, it is widely used at Easter. The white water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh.

Mine is the tropical variety, the water lily is on the stem that rises above the water. (The hardy variety has the flower sitting in the top of the water.) It bloomed quite regularly last season in my little terracotta pool. The flower survives for four to five days, opening in the mornings and closing the petals by evening. I have few fish in the pool to take care of the mosquito larvae. This variety flowers from November to March and when they bloom it does add a touch of romance to the garden.

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  • How nice, Indrani, that you have this mini garden – and as usual, such lovely pictures!

  • Oh those water lillies are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my place so faithfullly! BTW, When was India’s Independence day?

  • Indrani
    please start online lessons on the art of capturing nature on bytes!

  • Wow. I am partial to any floral shot. These were FAB!

  • I had no idea there were so many varieties of Jasmine. I love how it smells. And that purple water lily is amazing!

  • Wow! I say you are doing well with small space gardening. Thanks for inviting me over.

  • Could you also post a picture of your full balcony garden? I am sure, all of us would be interested in viewing that as well.

  • Wow! Really, i just love ur pictures. They’re always awesome!! You know, u remind me of the jasmine plant my mom bought yesterday. She was unsure wheather it will grow in calif soil, but thanx for that imp link u gave there. I’ve copied that out for her. Italian women weat jasmine? really? I never knew that!

  • Thanks Raji… I am waiting for your macros. 🙂

    Thanks Michael… our independence day is just round the corner… 15th August.

    Thanks Swarna… ME??? 😉

    Thanks MamaGeek… but your floral shots are a class apart.

    Thanks Hilary.

    Thanks Chris… When the compliment comes from a professional like you, it means a lot to me.

    Thanks Arlene.

    Thanks Mouli… and welcome to my blog. Initially I intended to put the shots of balcony too, but those black grills would have spoilt the whole look. However I am soon going to post on my third balcony, so watch out for this space. 🙂

    Thanks Lakshmi… I am glad you are enjoying my posts with pictures. Do convey my regards to your Mom and I wish her luck with the jasmine plant.

  • Thanks a lot for this informative post Indrani!. The pictures of the flowers are very nice. I enjoyed this post.

  • How beautiful! I especially like the last pink flowers with the yellow-orange hearts! Thanks for your visit!

  • so you have a wonderful balcony with all those beautiful flowers. those purple water lily are truly remarkable

  • the water lily is beautiful

  • Hello you have lots of beautiful pictures of lovely flowers…love them all…

  • Since you were kind enough to comment on my Blog I thought I should take a peek at yours. (I’m not yet sure of all the blogging conventions) And what did I see but glorious photography that would look wonderful in an art book. I agree, you should let us see your whole small garden!
    Rinkly Rimes.

  • Indrani, what beautiful flowers! To grow water lilies on a blcony garden, and then to photograph them so perfectly. Wow. This was such an informative post too! Waiting for more!!

  • Thanks Amila, Reader Wil, Vlahos, Bengbeng, Mimi, Brenda and Gowri. Thankyou very much for the compliments.

  • Great pictures as usual and the jasmine brought memories of it’s heavenly fragrance, something we Mysoreans grew up with. I may want to run over to “Little India” in Singapore (where I live) just to get a whiff of this flower. Lovely post as usual.

  • I envy your garden..while I smell the jasmine flowers on reading your post..

    Too good!

  • i love these jasmines & water lilies! I hv the same climbing jasmines with small white blooms at the pathway to our home. It is so wonderful to wade through the fragrance when coming home! I don’t hv the water liliy but hv drawn it as a mehndhi design on my daughter’s tummy!

  • thank you for a daily dose of beauty 🙂

  • thank you for a daily dose of beauty 🙂

  • nothing like the smell of jasmine to bring back memories of south india…

  • just the other day i was discussing ‘moggina’ with lakshmi

  • what a wonderful garden ..Ive always wanted a small house and a big garden ..i grow some hibiscus now..but nothg more 🙁

  • I know how heavenly is the fragrance of the seven round petals jasmine and the star variety jasmine!

  • You have a wonderful blog!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i think thats a lotus

  • What a lovely garden you have!..beautiful!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I love this site! Thank you sooo much for all your posts!

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