Nomophobia – the Latest Stress in Life

Actually this article: Nomophobia is the latest stress: Study amused me. Nomophobia: the fear of being out of mobile contact. NO MObile PHOBIA is termed as NOMOPHOBIA. This new phobia is sweeping across the continents of the world like plague. Statistics are that 13 million Britons are already suffering from this phobia i.e. 53% of the mobile users. Indians too may not be lagging behind.

NomophobiaStrange but true; man makes his own chains and today he has got entangled in them to such an extent that survival with out these chains has become near impossible. So now we have the new affliction of the 21st century. Stress levels shoot high at the thought of loosing the mobiles. Men and Women have actually admitted experiencing feelings of anxiety for reasons like running out of battery, or having no network coverage or loosing their phones and in the process loosing all their precious contacts.

Prevent Nomophobia

A couple of decades back did we have this junkie? Didn’t we all survive then? Mobile phones are convenient no doubt, but technology had meant us to be the masters and not that we become the slaves of these gadgets. The need of the hour is to practice calmness, meditate, just let be. Draw the line to distinguish between being at work and being away from work.

Avoid this phobia by carrying a charger with you, keep a record of the contact numbers, have an alternative contact number and see to it that your near and dear ones have this number. You can also store all your contact numbers at ZYB.

My problem is a mild form of this nomophobia especially when we are traveling in an unknown land. Otherwise I can survive well without this device. But I for sure have this nowebphobia, if there is a term like that. I can’t imagine life without internet connection which my friend Raji recently experienced. I also have these odd fear of waking up and not getting Google services anymore. How will my daughters complete their projects? Can it be called nogooglephobia??


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9 Responses to “Nomophobia – the Latest Stress in Life

  • Interesting. Man is a funny animal!

    When I go traveling, I prefer to leave back my watch and forget about my cell phone until there is an emergency.

  • Nice one, I had a good laugh with nowebphobia and nogooglephobia . These terms are sure to catch on, too.

  • Hi Indrani, here I am for my at least weekly visit… There must be thousands of phobias, so many that Mr. Sigmund had no time to list them all… But your nogooglephobia looks to be an increasing one! ;)) The butterfly pictures are gorgeous and the Earth hour was a nice initiative; not that much effect around us here… 🙁
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m still strolling around Bilbao. Look forward to reading you back there!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Thanks for visiting my site and I am glad I found yours. This is exactly what I was looking for! I enjoyed all the pictures.

    I have a love/hate relationship with my Cell Phone.

  • So true- the cell and the net have us hooked. nowebphobia and nogooglephobia are terrific:-)))))))))))
    Teenaged Kids are more prone to all this- so we like to believe. Specially to nofriendsphobia and nomusicphobia

  • That was an interesting read…

    We invent gadgets to make life easy, not realizing that we may become slaves to such tiny machines. For some it is the TV remote while for others the mobile…

    and now we have traffic rules too for the mobiles..

    but I have always wondered how a person can blabber so long with a mobile..

  • Thanks all.

    The human urge to talk I understand very well. The urge to have live contacts at moments of dire need is also understandable. But not being able to survive without it is funny.

    And when I see people blabbering away on mobile phones I often wonder how the person on the other end is taking it. Is the person really listening or simply nodding. 🙂

  • Hi, catching up with blog updates after a long time… 14 days, I think.
    About such phobias: Signs of addiction, get out of it! Just go back to snapping butterflies – which you do so well – and looking them up in a real library (you know, where true bookworms have real noses in between pages of papyrus in the company of silverfish 🙂 )

  • Yes Swarna, it is an addiction.

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