Nokia’s Green Cell Phones with Recycled Materials

When giant companies take greening efforts it delights me. Nokia the leading cell phone manufacturer has done it again.

Nokia’s Green Cell Phones

Last year Greenpeace had ranked Nokia ninth, it slid down from the first position to the ninth. To make up for that Nokia is all set to launch 40 Nokia Green Mobile phones in India in 2008.

The wide range of materials that are to be used are:
– aluminium cans
– plastic bottles
– old rubber tyres
– polyactic acid (PLA) plastics
– biomass-based modifiers
– recycled glass for display screen

In addition to all this Nokia has reduced the phone back light to optimal level to reduce the energy consumption by charging. Other parts that are being targeted are a biodegradable phone cover and a recyclable battery.

Nokia Mobile Phones

Last year this eco-friendly company had launched The Nokia 3110 that was developed from 50% renewable materials. Nokia is also credited to have put alerts to indicate that charging is done and the device needs to be unplugged. This has led to “saving energy to power 100,000 average-size European homes”.

The Green Bin program in US is getting popular and Nokia intends to start similar Green Bin movement in India targeting just the cell phones. It intends place such bins in its stores to collect all old and used cell phones to recycle.

This effort must be a lasting commitment and not just a ruse to grab the market.

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3 Responses to “Nokia’s Green Cell Phones with Recycled Materials

  • An interesting read and good idea too from Nokia…

    But it may not go down well with a few brand conscious folks. How can they hold a mobile which has taken birth from all those junk!

  • the manufacturers r so responsive to the times..amazing

  • Good environment movement by Nokia 🙂
    It’ll be pretty good if most of the mobile manufacturing companies go along with it.
    Have a good weekend Indrani!!!

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