Neptune Fountain, Vienna

At the foot of Schonbrunn Hill, behind Schonbrunn Palace is the grand Neptune Fountain. A very impressive fountain, this huge white marble fountain stands between Gloriette and the Palace.

In the centre of the group of statues stands Neptune in a shell shaped chariot, his trident in his hand. To his left is a nymph and to his right kneels the sea goddess Thetis. She is shown entreating Neptune to favor the voyage of her son Achilles, who has set off to conquer Troy. At the foot of the fountain on either side are the Tritons, half man, half fish who belong to Neptune’s entourage. They are seen restraining the hippocampi or sea horses which draw Neptune’s chariot across the seas.

There are paths leading up the hill, and from this height one gets great captures of the marble statues. The climate was most friendly that day and the statues against the bright blue sky with scattered white puffs looked most majestic.

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