National Drink of India

National drink of India… It is the famous Chai (tea)!
But those who don’t take tea, will vote for the tender coconut water as the national drink of India for sure.

Come summer, and you will find roadsides dotted with tender coconut vendors. Men and women own such small temporary shops. You can see them in action vigorously chopping away the tops of the tender coconuts to quench the thirst of tired travelers. Aerated drinks are available in plenty in the restaurants but you will rarely find one serving tender coconut water. People with most expensive vehicles don’t hesitate to halt at such tiny sheds to grab a drink.

Tender coconut water has been labeled the Fluid of Life because of the unique composition of essential components. It has more potassium than banana, low acidity, no fat, no sugar and no cholesterol. Interested in more medicinal properties of this drink, check here.

Definitely the most refreshing way to hydrate and rejuvenate while touring the hot states of India.

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