Napoleon’s Fontainebleau, Paris

Visit to Fontainebleau opened up a slice of French history! It was like stepping back into a time of grandeur and the associated interesting history. All these splendor funded by peasants and they revolting against the royals, Napoleon signing the Treaty of Fontainebleau, his exit from the palace, and more such details; the audio guide has a good description of all these.

The library in the palace is magnificent, we looked up to see the beautiful ceiling and our jaws dropped down. You can look at this only from the doorway. Stacks of books arranged in the shelves in the sides.The globe was made for Napoleon I.

Some of the rooms in the palace were crowded, tourists halted at some of the rooms for longer duration. This was one such room. The Treaty of Fontainebleau was signed here in this room. The agreement papers signed on this table. Based on the most significant terms of the accord, Napoleon was stripped of his powers as ruler of the French Empire, but both Napoleon and Marie-Louise of Austria were permitted to preserve their respective titles as emperor and empress.

The Emperor’s chamber, this room was used as a bed chamber for the sovereigns from Napoleon I to Napoleon III. I toured Palace of Versailles the day after touring this palace and I think I enjoyed the visit to this palace more.

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