Nanneshwara Temple Details, Lakkundi

Lakkundi is geographically located between two well known World Heritage Sites of India; Hampi at south and Pattadakal at north. Tourists hop from one heritage site to the other and Lakkundi is most often missed or ignored. Sparing some time for this little town of Lakkundi will surely benefit all temple lovers. This little town is scattered with almost 50 temples oozing with architectural beauty dating from Kalyana Chalukya period of 10th century AD.

The entrance

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Meticulous carvings on the doorways, walls and towers arrest my attention, each motif is different. A visit during broad day light will help to take good pictures. The interiors where the Linga is placed is dark, there are not much carvings in the interiors compared to exteriors.

The heavy circular pillars were made with some kind of lathe. This temple is small compared to the one its south which is the Grand Kashi Vishwanatha temple. Today these temples are protected well and fenced all around, but in terms of promoting these temples for tourism nothing much is being done.

From Bangalore 437 KM
Route : Bangalore-Chitradurga-Haveri-Gadag-Lakkundi.

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