My Travelogue Published in an International Book

A dream has come true for me! My travelogue is published in a book.

It is in a Hungarian travel book. Some time back, a well known Hungarian writer, Antal Halmos had published two of my Rajasthan related photographs in travel book based on India. We were email friends since then. During our Hungary tour early May this year, we met him in Budapest.

After I was back in India, Antal gave me this prestigious offer to write a chapter, a travelogue in his book Világok, népek, emberek (Worlds, Peoples, Personalities). A couple of months back I spent time writing for this book, in the process revisiting Hungary once more. My chapter is in English and its Hungarian translated version too is there in the book. The picture shared here is the cover page of the book. It is a great feeling to see one’s own work in print, in black and white, flipping through the pages of one’s own work. In three words: I am happy!

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
The Anchor Clock Vienna, Austria - Ankeruhr

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