My Sushi Making Experience

I always thought the exotic Sushi is too complicated to make. So when the chef at ITC Gardenia was giving a lesson on sushi making I happily followed it up. The sushi rice mix was done previously, so what exactly went to the mix is not known to me. I think it is the chef’s secret. I googled to find that rice vinegar, sugar and salt goes into the sushi rice mix.

The rice mix was shaped into balls of 20grams each. I tried my hand here, giving just enough pressure to hold the grains together yet not too tight. Each time a new ball is made we have to wet our palms in cold water so that they don’t stick to palm.


Next they were rolled in seaweed sheets; a little bit of top space was left empty to do fillings. The chef used a mix of kiwi, avocado and spicy mayonnaise to fill. The final decoration was done with miniature cucumber slices to give it a battleship appearance and finally decorated with edible flowers and leaves.

Spicy Kiwi and avocado Gunkan: Gunkan is a traditional sushi shape which resembles a Japanese battleship.

I needed no prior experience to make this specialty dish, and that was amazing! But yes, it requires lot of patience, attention to details and undying love for Sushi.

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Habanero Koramangala, Bangalore
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