My Jasmines Bloomed Again!

My Jasmine has flowered again. And not just one or two, but hand full of them continuously for past two weeks. Bangalore does not have a definite spring season; therefore often we are not aware when summers have set in and spring has long gone.

This plant has bloomed consecutively for two years now. I still remember how tiny it was in the nursery, standing alone in the corner, with looks as if begging me to take it home. I almost fell for the single bloom it had then. A hardy plant, it didn’t demand too much attention from me. It looked satisfied with my occasional glances, and weekly nutritious drinks I made with my vegetable wastes.

Now in its full bloom, swaying in gentle breeze, it tried to say: Here, these are for you! Can I spend the dawn rolling in my bed when the fragrance of these tiny specks of beauty beckons me? I cast my greedy glances at it, “My dear Jasmine, I am of the wicked type, not loyal to you.”

Soon my fingers are plucking them out; I am intoxicated by the delicate fragrance. The night lamp that glowed dimly once, held my lure. Set beside the bedside, it has a different role to play now.

Visit Luiz Santilli Jr for the home of Today’s Flowers.
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  • Beautiful Jasmine blooms.
    Luiz Ramos

  • I love the way you write with fondness about this plant! We als have a jasmine in the garden and you are right: its smell is so wonderful! Thanks for your visit Indrani! Have a great week.

  • wow! it reminds me of my home country, Philippines, did you know that it is our national flower? I love the smell of it and yes, we use it to make necklaces to welcome a tourist . It’s beautiful!!!we call it “Sampaguita” in tagalog. 🙂

  • Impossible to leave a comment but now it works.

    Oh, your jasmin are so nice and wonderful…I am jealous….a little.

  • Lovely white flowers. The fragrance must be wonderful. I especially enjoy your photo of the blooms in a lovely red-trimmed bowl.

  • Very lovely.

  • Nothing quite like the fragrance of jasmine and doesn’t it look lovely? I like the way you put the blossom in the little dish!

  • So lovely! Love the Jasmine, they look so delicate and they have such wonderful fragrance. Near by my home there is a little street where these trees are growing along the side. When I walk there during blooming, the lovely scent fill the air!

    I really like the arrangement on your last shot! 🙂

  • I love the smell of Jasmine,my neighbour got a pot and I always hover around it taking photos. Here in Singapore they bloom all year round but sadly to say they only lasted a few days.

  • Oh they are lovely, they give very pleasant scent.

  • I can almost smell that delicate perfume you have written about. Nice pictures and nice text.

  • Beautiful! I love jasmine, I have the small ones at home and the orange jasmine with very tiny white flowers..I dont have your type though..but I would love them a lot.

  • Jasmine, is Sampaguita to us. It’s Legend means “sumpa kita” meaning I vow to you if I get the literal meaning right.

    Jasmine is my country of birth’s National Flower. It is used to make leis. It is also used in perfumery and bath soap.

    Your tropical climate makes it suitable to grow in your area.

    Jasmine signifies the maiden’s purity.

    Lovely post to read.

  • mine are potted plants , but they are blooming as well 🙂

  • mine are potted plants but they bloomed as well

  • We’re in Canada and the Jasmines have bloomed too today…what a coincidence,

  • How nice!! It must be wonderful to get jasmines from your garden everyday. My mom’s garden has 3 varieties of jasmine and i look like a geek wearing the flowers in my hair when I go there.

  • Jasmine has a very delicate scent. You must have a green thumb. You write very beautifully.

  • You are a very lyrical writer Indrani, and the white jasmine , so pure goes perfectly with your writing or may be its vice-versa, but the post is fantastic.

  • I like it. Great post!

  • wonderful use for the blossoms to perfume your night.

  • Looks so white – a symbol of purity!

  • Who can resist the Jasmine? nd you have made it even more irresistible by your words and the beautiful shots…

    May your friend live long and give you more blooms.

  • Jasmine is like the most perfect scent. Would love to have some around the house. Beautiful shots. =)

  • Lovely Jasmines. Nicely Captured!

  • The night lamp holding your beautiful flowers, what a perfect composition!

  • I love the smell of Jasmine… but the flowers you show are not the Jasmine I'm familiar with.
    I'm sure the smell is the same, but they just look slightly different, especially the leaves.

    Lovely photos & post.

    best wishes

  • Sweet jasmine ! Lovely pics too.

  • I loved reading this, your words made as vivid a picture as your camera! This morning the wind is bringing the scent of lilacs into my room. Teeling time and seasons by flowers – what is better!

  • I could almost smell the jasmine while looking at your beautiful pictures. We’re hoping that our bush will be blooming in a couple of weeks.

  • I’m with George, I could almost smell the jasmine! Your photos are gorgeous, Indrani, as always! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the fragrance!

  • what a divinely smell the jasmine has…in kerala we have two such flowers, the pala and the jasmine, and one of these days i will tell a story connected to them…

  • That’s just so beautiful in so many ways.. the flowers, your sentiment, the scent, the images. Lovely.

  • Jasmine,
    I had 3 outside in pots.
    But they are all dead frozen
    in the winter.
    It was last winter -20C here,
    and I forget to put them
    in a warmer place 🙁
    I need to buy new jasmine.
    They smellllll yummieeeeeee 🙂
    Your last shot is soooo sweet,
    I love it ,nice for one my table 🙂

  • jasmine flowers are very fragrant, i love the scent so sweet and soft.

  • Lovely! The one in the clay diya look the best 🙂

  • What a lovely post. I enjoyed your commentary very much. I have sipped Jasmine tea and I have eaten Jasmine Rice but never have I seen this beautiful flower before and I would love to breath in its intoxicating scent. It is exquisite and your photos are super. Thank you very much for sharing them.

  • Oh, this is that variety that has the awesome fragrance.:)

  • Enjoy with your blossom 🙂 I used to ask my mom often to get me rose plants and she still buying me!

  • I love the aroma of jasmine flowers 🙂

  • Looks great! I love the last picture. Jasmine is one of the best fragrances in the garden, I think. Right up there with Lilac and Daphne. The other day I was driving a van full of Jasmine, Helitrope amd Nemesia plants and the smell was almost over whelming. I am pretty sure that is what heaven smells like.

  • Beautiful blossoms..words and pictures. What a great way to end the evening and go to sleep…mmmm I can smell them now:):)

  • I absolutely love the smell of jasmine…a little goes a long way too! Even one flower is fragrant enough for you to smell it at a decent distance from the plant.

    Congratulations on your ever blooming Jasmine!

  • Yogi Saraswat
    2 years ago

    White flowers are very pretty.

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