My ‘Ginger Tiger Restaurant’ Experience

For those craving for Chinese-inspired cuisine Ginger Tiger restaurant at Indiranagar in Bangalore is THE place! Ginger Tiger, the latest offering by JSM Corporation Pvt Ltd. The positives are: Nice ambiance for casual dining! And delectable stir fries, fresh off the live-counter. Chef Priyank suggested many items that we must try and I am glad we bunch of bloggers there followed his advice.

Their open kitchen, not seen commonly in other restaurants here, allows you to watch the Chef at work. Their “Make your way Stir Fry bowl” activity allows the diners to make their own customized stir fry bowls with ingredients the way they like. Isn’t that tempting enough!

Food started rolling in one by one as soon as we were comfortably seated with cameras in hand. The chef explained what inspired to start Ginger Tiger in Bangalore was “the need of an authentic Chinese cuisine restaurant at affordable price, a place which was not strictly high end”.

Appetizers, soups, and main dish; all were presented in veg and non veg preparations to suit the different bloggers there. The non veg bloggers had an advantage of being able to taste veg items too. And of the various dishes that I loved there, the batter coated zucchini was the best! What we know and call as “pakoda” was presented in the most stylish and exotic manner! The quantity served was filling enough and the sweet dishes they have in their menu cannot be ignored.

This restaurant definitely is going to be sought after be many and I better book a table lest I am kept waiting in a long queue!

Picture credits: Nivedith Gajapathy
Facebook: Ginger Tiger

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