My Air Arabia Flight Experience, Bangalore – Sharjah – Bangalore

Flying Experiences come in varying ranges you must have noticed if you have travelled a lot. My recent Air Arabia flight experience Bangalore to Sharjah and back was much much more than satisfying. Read on to know the highlights of my flight and Air Arabia airline.

Air Arabia Suits Budget Travel

Air Arabia was established in 2003. It has the credit to be the first low fare airline in United Arab Emirates region. Till date it has maintained this status and is liked very much as it suits all frequent fliers. The airline operates scheduled services to 51 destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and Europe. Air Arabia flies to 22 countries from Sharjah, 28 destinations in 9 countries from Casablanca, Fez, Nador and Tangier, 11 destinations in 8 countries from Ras Al Khaimah, and 6 destinations in 4 countries from Alexandria. For tourists and employees, workers in these countries this airline suits budget travel.

Air Arabia Flights on Time

Flight delays irritate me to core. Delays due to natural calamities are understandable but those due to mismanagement is really unpardonable. And on this factor Air Arabia scores a BIG ‘thumbs up’! My Air Arabia flight experience was too good. Both my flights Bangalore to Sharjah and Sharjah to Bangalore were on time.

Air Arabia In Flight Meals

Early arrival at airport and after hours at immigration formalities a good meal is the most wanted thing. My inflight food experience with Air Arabia was very good. No sooner had the flight taken off and stabilized on air we were served our in flight meals. The packaging is impressive. (You can book meals with your ticket or purchase it on board. Small water bottles cost 3 dirhams. They have different inflight food menus) During my onward journey to Sharjah I was served ‘masala dosa’. The food presentation was neat in 2 rolls, but the taste was slightly off mark. Having grown up in south of India I am a little too critical of masala dosa taste. But the return journey I was served chicken biryani and it heavenly… I wiped clean every grain of it. The exotic blend of herbs and spices was too perfect!

Air Arabia Flight Experience

Air Arabia Hand and Check in Baggage Allowance

One another reason for me to fall in love with Air Arabia airlines is its generous baggage weight allowance. I found this while on my return flight from Sharjah to Bangalore. They allow hand baggage of 10kg and check in baggage allowance is 30kg! Yes read it twice thrice,… to believe it. I had to do the same! My suitcase was packed to brim before it could burst, thanks to 40kgs (30 +10) I didn’t have to leave anything behind or pay for what could have been excess with other flights.

Air Arabia Leg Room, Seat Space and Service

Now this (space) is something which will vary from passenger to passenger. With a medium built like mine the leg room and seat width was more than comfortable. They have a friendly staff on board. Another thing I found too cute in my Air Arabia flight experience was that the flight security instructions was a recorded message given by small children.

Overall, not too many frills attached. Things fall in line, from boarding to take off, pretty smoothly! This flight was courtesy Air Arabia to witness Sharjah Light Festival. Opinions and experiences are completely mine.

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33 Responses to “My Air Arabia Flight Experience, Bangalore – Sharjah – Bangalore

  • 40 Kg baggage is quite an attraction. Nice review.

  • Great informative piece! Good to know the food is good, always wary of airplane food

  • Sounds like a pretty good airline! Will remember this for when I finally make it over to the Middle East.

  • Sounds like a nice airline! We always fly as cheap as possible, so its nice to see low fare carriers do a good job, and glad your meal in one direction was tasty. Love that they have such a generous baggage allowance–it’s so great to not have to think about luggage weight!

  • It’s nice to be able to rely on a budget airline having a good record of running to time. It’s so disappointing to waste any of your precious time in a new destination on delays. That baggage allowance gives plenty of peace of mind too that you won’t have to pay extra, while I rarely want to carry anywhere near that it’s good to not have to even think about it.

  • Gosh amazing baggage allowance for a budget airline! It looks pretty good all in – I don’t think airline food is ever totally perfect

  • The fact that a budget airline serves food is reason enough to book a flight.. Besides which the price seems reasonable AND looks tasty!

  • A generous bag allowance is all too rare these days! And the fact that they serve food on a short flight – another great reason to fly with Air Arabia.

  • I’ve flown with AirArabia a few times when I previously lived in Dubai. It’s one of my favourites airlines in the Middle East because of all what you’ve listed above. Another factor for me is that Sharjah Airport is very small and not as busy as Dubai Airport so everything is more relaxing. The only thing to worry about is to avoid the heavy traffic between Sharjah and Dubai during peak hours.

  • Thanks for the information and your review. I’ll have try the airline sometime

    Madelain |

  • Air Arabia sounds like an excellent option – thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, food service on short flights is rare – kudos to Air Arabia.

  • The food actually looks pretty good, especially for a budget airline! We’re flying different airlines all the time, so this is good info to have!

  • Air Arabia is a really good airline, but the last time I was in Sharjah airport it was just a nightmare just getting through all those queues and long lines for visas. Infrastructure wise, Dubai airport is like no other for me and since I live in Dubai; I don’t mind paying a bit extra for the convenience.

  • I am impressed with the baggage allowance. It is super good for the budget friendly flight. Food also seems to be well packed and hygienically good. So, overall air Arabia flight seems to be a considerable option. Will keep this in mind.

  • Budget airlines are sure improving a lot lately! I remember 7-8 years ago, the delays were annoying, but now most run so smoothly. Sounds like you’ve had a great experience, and I agree, the baggage allowance is insane. I’d love to try them at some point in the future.

  • I felt like I was right there with you. The food looks pretty good for an airline! I’m a bit impressed. I like reading about what it’s REALLY like to travel somewhere. Thanks for sharing 😀

  • 30 kgs!? That’s amazing for a budget airline! The food actually looks quite good and it’s so different from other European or North American airlines where the food is usually bland.

  • Definitely seems like a comfortable airline. The food does look yummy and the baggage allowance is amazing,…perfect for some shopping that you can return back with. Nice review.

  • Yes, I heard it was a great airlines. I couldn’t imagine the weight limit they had given you ! 40 KGs! And I was struggling with 15 KG limit with all woolens hanging on my hand.
    Budget airlines are improving these days and they know how to pamper the passengers. 🙂

  • Oh that seems to be a good choice for an airline. Haven’t encountered this yet but with the inclusions they have its quite impressive. The 40kg baggage allowance is a big plus coz it always adds up to worry for a shopper like me. 🙂

  • Will definitely take note of this airline when I’ll be flying to India soon. No flight delay is really appreciated by every traveler. Here in the Philippines, flight delays are so normal 😐 and the 40kgs, oh my, I can bring all my things with that kind of heavy luggage 😀

  • Cheap comfortable airlines are awesome for frequent travelers on a budget. Was there good leg room? We always have trouble with space when traveling with all the kids.

    • Indrani Ghose
      10 months ago

      As I mentioned in the post ‘space’ judgement varies from passenger to passenger. I was traveling alone so didn’t really face the crunch. With kids the story will be different I am sure.

  • I was just whining to my husband that I’m getting a little bit too old to endure uncomfortable flights. Hahaha! Glad to know there are more affordable options now. It’s too bad Air Arabia doesn’t have flights in the Philippines though. Hope I get to try this airline one of these days:)

  • I haven’t tried other bigger planes so as of now I can’t make the comparison but it looks like Arabian Airlines is good. I love that they fly on time like when does that ever happen? I have yet to experience that, all flights I took were always delayed.

  • I’ve never heard of Air Arabia but it looks like an incredible air line option. My partner and I like to travel quite frequently so it’s great to know they cover all budgets! Happy Travels!

  • It is great to know that there are airline companies that offers budget travels. I always on the look for the best price in town and I bet Air Arabia is really worth checking.

    The only downside for Air Arabia? They dont have flights to the Philippines yet, I hope they considering adding more flights to South East Asia.

    Travel more!

  • Most offerings of the budget airlines are similar, what made this airline different, based on your experience, is the baggage weight allowance. That, definitely is a plus to travelers who usually brings souvenirs on their way back home.

  • It looks like a prestigious airline. Here in our country, I have always experienced delayed flights. Hoping airlines here will have something like this. Travel has been a necessity for some recently, plus it promotes a place well.

  • Traveled only once outside the Philippines and I rode Cebu Pacific. I hope to travel other places outside the Philippines and be able to experience different airlines like Air Arabia. Looks like the food is such a cultural experience.

    Thanks for sharing up experience with us.

  • Yogi Saraswat
    9 months ago

    Impressive review !!

  • Thank you for sharing your experience Ma’am..

  • Great to know about your experience 🙂

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