My Flights of Fantasy at Kokrebellur, Karnataka

Sindbad set sail simply because he was bored with the quiet life of the city.

It is a similar situation here, the only difference being it is a ‘mad rush of city life’ and not ‘a quiet life’. If only I could just set off like Sindbad into nature’s settings not looking for adventure but to cuddle myself up in nature’s lap and have few moments of peace.

Just 95kms from the city is Kokrebellur, where migratory birds travel thousands of miles to home in here. This winter too they had flocked around this village and we set off to see these exotic birds and their chicks, spend some moments away from the hustle and bustle. It was around four in the evening the birds were flying in home. Heads turned up, we would follow their flights to their maneuvers, twists and turns. Their homecoming flights would set me off in my flights of fantasy, sometimes forgetting to click.

Migratory Birds at Kokrebellur

Sindbad was horrified to see a huge bird descending upon the very spot where he stood.

Not me, I was not horrified. These were Painted Storks and Pelicans. Their wide spread wings, the sounds of the flapping of their wings would set my heart in a rush. Do I enjoy the moment or do I concentrate on the technicalities of the flights? Do I simply put on Sports Mode or do I do Manual Settings or do I simply let my eyes feast on the flights?

…and Sindbad had an idea… he unraveled his turban and tied it round a leg of the bird, which soon rose into the sky carrying Sindbad with it.

If only I could tie myself to those legs and set off on my Flights of Fantasy like these migratory birds at Kokrebellur!

This was ‘My World Yesterday’.
Eurasian Hoopoe
Pendula Lobster Claw, Welcoming Spring

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  • These captures are magnificent! I have never been able to get a good shot at a bird in flight – I’m SO impressed. It must have been magical to see them.

  • nice pics and congrats for featuring on authorblog

  • You can write very good
    and very funny stories 😉
    I can read it ….completely
    without translation 😉

    These birds are so beautiful
    and so very BIG.
    They are just flying BIG BIG birds
    or airplanes… HEHE

    If such a large bird flying long
    will you feel a wind or storm.
    From the hard power of their wings
    which caused wind you could fall
    Thats FANTASY…..

    In my fantasy world
    I flew straight away.
    Wherever I go
    I’ll see it again…

  • I would probably feast on the flights and forget to take pictures altogether! Yours are fabulous. I’m glad you have more presence of mind than I would!

  • I’m like Louise, I’d probably be so awestruck watching them that I’d forget to use the camera! You did a fabulous job! Thanks, Indrani, you always have gorgeous photos and great posts!

  • These pictures are just special and wonderful! Thank you.

  • what amazing in flight shots…that first one enlarged is very interesting.
    thanks for sharing your flight(s) of fancy and/or fantasy with us. enjoyed.

    i posted some photos from florence italy this week.

  • Oh, wow. These are amazing. That is one interesting bird.

  • What interesting birds and great shots.

  • What amazing photographs! I love them (especially the first) but hearing Sinbad’s tale through it was even better. Wonderful post!

  • Amazing captures!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.
    Mary Elizabeth Now and Then.

  • Wonderful photos, I’d love to see those birds!

  • This was a wonderful sequence. You are so good at photographing the birds.

  • Well I for one am glad you elected to shoot these rather than keep them all to yourself. They’re magnificent!

  • Beautiful pictures! And I totally echo what you’ve written about being torn between just watching the beauty and taking pictures of varying complexity.

  • Wonderful photos all, but the ascending legs in the last photo are just…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this. Must link! I have an excuse I think, we have been exploring some similar territory.

  • These are stunning images.

  • Beautiful, beautiful photos. I wouldn’t mind hanging on for a flight like Sinbad.

  • Fantastic photos, you captured these flight scenes perfectly.

    Have a great week!
    Regina In Pictures

  • Marvellous photos! Happy Easter!

  • Whatever you did, mode-wise, it was the right thing!! those are jsut amazing. And they lifted my spirits up!

  • There is a lovely book by Astrid Lindgren about the wonderful trip of Niels Holgerson who for punishment was turned into a very small boy and spent a year with the wild geese on their migration around Sweden. Worth reading when you need an escape. Your flight shots and wanting to get away remind me of Icarus.
    I do not wear well in cities, that is why we live on a farm.

  • So did you take the pictures on manual or sports setting? They turned out GREAT!

  • Excellent pictures, and a narrative to match. Perfect.

  • Very beautiful close up shot of the bird. Very nice.

  • I can say your birds are just flying so carefree without worries. Beautiful photos.

  • You have captured those bird in flight perfectly Indrani, I wish I could too..have a good week ahead 😀 hugs/M

  • Nice snaps.

    Would love to visit this place very soon.

  • Excellent pictures. Wonderful inter-twining of your thoughts with the Sindbad tale.

  • What a wonderfully clever set of photos! That’s something I never succeeded to do: taking photos of flying birds! Thanks for sharing!

  • always liked sailor’s tales..

  • It is not easy to capture flying brids, but you did a great job. The first photo deserves an award.

  • that is a brilliant post!!!! excellent pictures! and the commentary was superb!

  • What amazing and interesting birds, I am quite jealous of you getting to see them in the feather, so to say! Such great captures too. 🙂

  • My good ness gracious !!!!

    lucky lucky you !!!!!!

    geeee i m late… what a post and what lovely pictures… and the way you describe…. so much fun !!
    *envious* and really at that !!!!

    lovely lovely post and pictures … !

  • Oh…to be in graceful as them!

    Love the profile picture…yay I see you now!!!

  • Congrats on POTD. These are wonderful pictures, you did well to capture them. Such an unusual bird too!

  • those pics were great!!!!! lucky you!!!

  • How beautiful! Isn’t it amazing how some animals can be so funny-looking up-close but then when they get to their right element, you just think they are the most beautiful creatures on earth!!

  • interesting entry i must say! i like the way u connect sinbad and ur own getaway trip 😉 [ and the pix is lovely too.. i personally like the last one,

  • Sometimes so envy birdies…they have more freedom than us.

  • Wonderful pics Indrani.. and Sinbad 🙂 flight of fantasy

  • Hi Indrani! Excellent shots! What an outstanding post!!
    Loved to read you at Authorblog!!

    Blogtrotter is showing you Brasilia. Enjoy and have a great long Easter weekend!

  • Wow at the one you captured the bird flying away, love the spreading wing feathers. Good shot!

  • Wow, what more can i say? You are great in capturing moving animals. I wish I could do that.

    For my part of the world, since we are celebrating Lenten Season, I would like to share another island-paradise which is perfect for the season. Please check out Cagbalete – Perfect Place for Reflection. Have a memorable Lenten Season everyone and God Bless!

  • Brilliant capture!

  • oh i love it
    i never had a chance to see those kind of birds unless i go to a zoo
    have a great day and thanks for sharing

  • Fantastic! You took me away on a fabulous voyage!

  • Congrats on the Authorblog interview! I must head over to read it!

    Love the whimsy of this post and the fab photos.

  • Fantastic photos, loved every one of them. Keep them coming! Marvelous.

  • Who wouldn’t want to fly away once in awhile? I keep waiting for that rug on my floor to learn to fly 🙂

  • I wonder how Sindbad would feel – honoured, I think! And the birds will, too.

  • by the way i just tagged you in my blog hope you can participate on this meme i just created
    have a great day and happy blogging

  • Whether its airplanes or birdies in flight, you excel yourself in each effort. It was a feast to the eyes to see the enlarged pictures.

    The Sindbad narration added flavour to the post.

  • It isn’t easy to shoot the birds..So you were really lucky I think. Wonderful photos and interesting narrative in comparison with Sindbad the Sailor. It has always been the dream of human beings to fly..

  • Beautiful shots of the birds.

  • the describe was interesting! nice pictures.

  • Hi Indrani

    I have an award for you, you will pick him up:)

    Have a nice weekend :))

  • Thanks for these pictures.

    Keep posting…

  • you have such a good lens to catch her that close. nice pics

  • Actually Sinbad left with a purpose – to make money & repair his fortunes.

    here is the reason as he puts it –

    My father left me a considerable estate, the best part of which I spent in riotous living during my youth; but I perceived my error, and reflected that riches were perishable, and quickly consumed by such ill managers as myself. I further considered that by my irregular way of living I had wretchedly misspent my time which is the most valuable thing in the world. Struck with those reflections, I collected the remains of my furniture, and sold all my patrimony by public auction to the highest bidder. Then I entered into a contract with some merchants, who traded by sea: I took the advice of such as I thought most capable to give it me; and resolving to improve what money I had, I went to Balsora and embarked with several merchants on board a ship which we jointly fitted out..

    But that was just to clarify – I wish I start doing these kind of things one day..

  • Wow, such fantastic photos of these marvelous birds. Amazing, they are beautiful. Like you, when these photo opportunities present themselves, sometimes I just want to watch the spectacle without trying to get the photographs! But I am glad you did, so you could share these with us. 🙂

    The last shot of just the bird’s legs is fascinating, a great photo!

  • What is it that you want to fly away from?
    Where do you want to fly to?

    Beautiful photos… you’ve captured the fantasy in just a click 🙂

    thank you for sharing

    best wishes Ribbon

  • This is so grand and great…How did you manage to get these shots…
    Superb. You deserve a prize of some sort.

  • good pictures Indriani… thx for sharing them. Nice visiting your blog 🙂

  • what lovely captures… what a beautiful blog!! well done!!

  • These pictures are absolutely fantastic! I also like your narration with the connection to Sindbad. Wonderful post!

  • your blogs is very nice really nice job you can also visit my blogs

  • Terrific Timing and very sharp photos… it really is gonna take me a while to go through all of your photos… very nice blog! Thanks for sharing too!!!

  • Kokrebellur is just amazing. Was lucky to do a trek here with an expert from Nat Geo. Had such a lovely time spotting rare birds with him.

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