Münster (Cathedral) of Bern

Bern Cathedral, one of the nicest cathedrals of Switzerland in my opinion. If you are ever there, allot at least half an hour to soak in the interiors. This münster is famed to be the tallest bell tower of Switzerland and has the largest bell of this country. We heard it ring when we were watching the Zytglogge and our audio nerves exposed to a short span of sweet cacophony.

The ceiling here was so different from the ones we have seen in other churches. Not too many colors, there was simple patterns in black and white. The stain glass window of 1441 – 1450 is famous as Dance of Death window. Click on the picture to enlarge and see the details of skeletal figures claiming lives of people from all walks of life.

This Münster is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Berns. The church is a mishmash of elements added to an original 1341 building, with a well which originally stood within the precincts of the 12th-century castle. One more tip: Check the timings when the church is open. We lost some precious time here having landed there at some odd time and in the end had to rush. We missed going up this tall spire.

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Zytglogge, Berns

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