Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Brave sons of India lay down their lives. Mindless shooting spree of terrorists have taken innocent lives of Mumbai. The whole day has been so depressing, numbers are rattled out as if a mere numbering exercise. When will the political parties stop fighting among themselves and take things seriously?

Nobody has claimed the responsibility
for the massacre yet. Unknown organizations are surfacing. The Morale is still high and we shall overcome. India has lost brave men in this mindless act.

I salute!

Hemant Karkare ATS Chief


Ashok Kamte ACP


Vijay Salaskar Police Inspector


Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan


Gajender Singh NSG Commando


Foreign Guests who lost their lives at the attack.

Ms Lo Hwei Yen

(info shared by Dora.)

Elizabeth Russell and Dr. Michael Moss

(info shared by Hilary.)

The World Heritage Hotel, the Taj Hotel of Mumbai is on fire. It may be rebuilt and repaired, but the lives lost, the bread winners lost, will they come back? The foreign hostages held inside… I hope and pray the nightmare ends soon, without any further loss of life.

(Images from net.)





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31 Responses to “Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

  • Yes, it’s horrible and heartbreaking. Our Canadian news is covering it much of the day too. There are Canadians missing in Mumbai. I hope your family and friends are all safe.

  • Oh! Hilary, I am so sorry for your Canadian fellowmen and also other foreigners held hostage there. I hope they are all safe.

    Our people are doing their best and I am sure this ordeal will end soon.

  • Yes, it is on the news here too. Incredible how such violence can occur among such gentle and civilized people. And there is a strong suspicion that the terrorists are not from India?
    It was said that although the attacks in the hotels appear to be aimed at foregners, the first attack which has caused the most victims was at the train station, killing and maiming native people from India.
    The terrorists appear to be incredibly young, they look like teenagers. It is a horrible cruelty. It is terrible that some political parties abuse of these young people to kill so many innocent others.

  • Indrani, I am so sorry this has happened in your country. Such a tragedy. Such senseless violence and unnecessary loss of life.

  • Indrani, I am very sorry for your losses in Mumbai. Thank you for the helpful links.
    Shalom to you in India.

  • Yes Thyme, these young terrorists are not from India. All approached via the sea route, the Taj hotel is 40 to 50 km off the beach. You are so right in saying political parties abuse the minds of the young people and many innocent lives are lost. Thank you for being with me at this moment of horror and sorrow.

    Thanks Faye Pekas for being with me here and now.

    Thanks Dina, I appreciate your thoughts for me very much.

  • You have very rightly pointed out that political parties should stop the blame game and concentrate on tackling terror.

  • Dear Indrani,

    Thankfully she is out of the trident yesterday night, unharmed as i hear…. some minor burns, i dont know her personally but just couldnt imagine what her husband must have gone through…

    Dont know bout the security, if they are home grown terrorists, i doubt if the police can do much.

    But as reports come out, it seems they have come from Pakistan by boat, if that is the case the naval security needs a lot of tightening up.. Can any outsider from any country by sea come into our country and start war so easily on civilians??? This is shocking !!

    however at this point in time lets just hope that most come out unharmed. Also hear 4 terrorists have been caught alive so hopefully they can be traced and the planners of this attack should not be spared…

  • Thank you so much for your concern and good wishes.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • As I said to magiceye, I very much hope your day ends in Peace. Words are inadequte to describe my feelings.
    Take care.

  • this is horrible. i’m very sorry about all these

  • My country Singapore has lost its dear citizen, a female lawyer in the attacks.

    Compared to the 1990s, the frequency and magnitude of terrorist attacks have intensified, with an increased in the scope of boundaries as well.
    Terrorist attacks are no longer confined to the Middle East, it has become borderless. I believe terrorism has become more unprecedented as compared to the 1990s due to the increasingly wired world, made possible by technology.

    The internet has made the world a borderless world and shaped the face of terrorism into one which is borderless too. Internet and the new technology might have given media-crazy terrorists excellent avenues to propagate their ideas and their acts are often carried out to capture as much media attention as well by leveraging on the new technology as evidenced in the Mumbai terrorism acts.

    Terrorism is a war of ideology, it is not a war for territory as in the past centuries. Where the medium for the conventional wars is airplanes, warships and tanks, the medium for the terrorism is the ever-growing cyber-technology for the propagation of the terrorists’ thwarted ideology. This may explain why there is now an unprecedented number of terrorist acts in this century (starting from 911) as compared to the 90s.

    Let us condemmn terrorism!

  • Mindless indeed! My thoughts are with you.

  • You know what Aviral, it is high time the armed forces take over.

    Dhiren I am glad your friend is out of this. How callous can our security be? I am feeling as if I have failed miserably somewhere.

    Maigiceye, let us pray for the safety of others.

    Aileni, thanks for being with me here and now.

    Vlahos, I appreciate your thoughts, thank you very much.

  • Singaporeshortstories, I am extremely sad and sorry that a brave lady lawyer has lost her life in these mindless attacks.
    Yes terrorism knows no boundaries now and the advances in technology is being misused. You have so rightly pointed out one of the causes for all this chaos. Our people are doing their best. I am at a loss for words to express my helplessness and sorrow.

    Fida, thanks for being with me here and now.

  • It is peace in Mumbai at last.
    Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.
    Pray for all those who lost their lives and may God give strength to their near and dear ones to bear their irreparable loss.

  • Just Imagine who lost their beloved….It was a nightmare for all of us….

  • It helps to look at the faces. Thank you for posting these photos. Thanks to the brave men who fell in the line of duty.

    May you have a quiet week and strength for the gruesome work that must be done after the slaughter.

  • I salute too…may this not become just another incident..

  • I salute too…those people did not deserve to die. I watched live as Hemanth Karkare put on his helmet n thoght, without knowing who he was “that’s one brave man…” I later heard he died. They were really brave people.

  • Hi Indrani! Our friends stayed at the Taj last February and we were planning to stay there, whenever we would get to Mumbai; plans postponed now… The world is becoming more dangerous every day!!
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is still in Tunisia, now at the Blue Village! Hope you enjoy and have a safe week!

  • You put faces to the tragedy, and that is the most powerful statement one can make!

  • A very touching post. Have linked it my latest, Indrani.

  • Your last statement is very true…Buildings can be repaired but the loose of life and peace can not.

  • As i watched the events unfold on tv i felt like it couldnt be true. the whole affair is so senseless. i feel for all the families who must be suffering now.

    as for the comment on my blog, my blog has been under attack by hackers. it has happened a few times oledi. fortunately i have been able to undo most of the damage in mylongkang. the other blogs i lost them all.

  • I too second the suggestion to just hand over to the armed forces.
    I am saddened to see no response other than heads rolling. (aren’t they being let off easily? they will continue to enjoy security, and no headaches either) – where is accountability?

  • Hoorible in one word. In Egypt some years ago Luxor was attacked and tourists shot. Now there’s police every where : in every important building and we were even escorted during 3 hours by police to our destination, because there’s the possibility of being attacked by terrorists from neighbouring countries.

  • It was so sad to see. Words cannot express how sorry I felt for all involved..The Terrorists are to blame!! Sending much love..

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  • I have too grieved for all the innocent lives lost and angered at these senseless killings. I join every Indian in saluting the brave Indian warriors and others who laid down their lives, to save us.

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