Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Garden

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31 Responses

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    beautiful shots, indrani!

  2. Sylvia K says:

    Beautiful, colorful captures, Indrani, as always!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!! Hope your week is going well!

  3. Reader Wil says:

    I love walking in botanical gardens and that's what this garden looks like!
    Thanks for your visit and comment. If you want to know all the answers , see what happywanderer wrote
    , for she has all the correct answers.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  4. Nice pictures of the Botanical Garden. Especially number 3 and 4. Greetings form Holland. We are here now for the grandchildren. Saludos.

  5. MarjaK says:

    Must be a beautifull place to spent some time in. lovely pictures and nice to "see" you here again.

  6. Looks like there are some wonderfully exotic plants in the botanical garden!

  7. Nice pictures. I had visited this area too and its beautiful! Will share my story soon!

  8. These are very exotic Indrani. Great photos. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  9. ladyfi says:

    What a lovely place! Gorgeous shots!

  10. s.c says:

    Great choice of plants. One or two looks really from another world. Thanks for showing.

  11. Fun60 says:

    Such beautiful shots especially the pitcher plant.

  12. eileeninmd says:

    I love the ferns and mushrooms. Gorgeous plants and images, Indrani.

  13. Beautiful photographs!

  14. Awesome captures, Indrani. Truly mesmerizing 🙂

  15. Nisha Jha says:

    Pictures have come out very well. I loved the pitcher plant. Exotic! 🙂

    I have visited Malaysia umpteen no. of times but haven't seen Rafflesia flower in full bloom. I hope this makes you feel better. 😉

  16. The detailed shots are beautiful Indrani. Nice to observe nature from so close.

  17. A very nice Narrative with amazing Photographs.. Truly a Worthy Post!

  18. PriVin says:

    Beautiful captures!

  19. Thanks for the pitcher plant pic…I showed it to my sonny…he is ever curious about this variety of plants…especially the way they are portrayed in the fantasy and animation movies 🙂 I particularly liked the mushroom pic. Gorgeous.

  20. itMust be a very beautiful place to spent some time in. lovely pictures and nice to be there with you here again. very nice pictures reaaly.

  21. Beautiful pictures 🙂

  22. Simple objects, beautifully shot

  23. Very interesting items… that big red thing is Raflesia?

  24. No quetzalcoatl. It is a concrete model of Raflesia.

  25. Wow! beautiful pictures of Nature.

  26. wow wow, nice visual treat

  27. Ana says:

    Your photos are great and clear! You captured all of them perfectly. I do wonder what are the names of those plants. The only one familiar with me are the mushrooms. Is it free to enter Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Garden?

    • Indrani Ghose says:

      Thank you Ana for the compliments. There is entrance fee. I will make an addition to the post on that.