Movenpick New Menu, at Lavelle Heights in Bangalore

Bangalore branch of MOVENPICK is out with another tempting set of breakfast menus to beat this summer. I got this invite from them to taste this new range of combinations of pancakes and waffles.

Little Bit About Movenpick

The Mövenpick Ice Cream Boutique at Lavelle Heights in Bangalore features a range of 18 ice cream and sorbet flavors among its collection, enough to satisfy even the most demanding epicurean! In addition to ice cream dessert creations, they have gourmet coffee & tea, sundaes, shakes, fat free refreshments and much more, all served in its super premium dessert boutique. Within every recipe are the finest natural ingredients: wonderfully rich Swiss cream, sun-ripened fruit, creamy yoghurt and spices and flavors from every corner of the world, simply begging to be tasted!

It is interesting how it got its name! Movenpick means the choice of seagulls. Moven is a German word which means seagulls, and joining it with the word “pick”, it means it’s the choice of seagulls.  When Ueli Prager, founder of Movenpick, was walking and thinking of a name, he saw a bunch of seagulls gathering to pick the bread and flying away with it.  He imagined his restaurant to be a place where people are attracted to gather because of the food.

Latest Launch of Movenpick

Here are the platters, please help yourself to make the choice

1. Chocolate and Walnut Brownie

A rich chocolate and walnut brownie dredged with icing sugar and topped with chocolate sauce, served with your favorite scoop of ice cream.

Movenpick Brownie

2. Chocolate Fondant

A delicious chocolate fondant with a soft chocolate center topped with chocolate sauce and served with your favorite scoop of  ice cream.

Movenpick New Menu 1

3. Macaroon Selection

Subtly flavored, crisp, light macaroon shells sandwiched with complimenting flavors of Movenpick ice cream, create a unique delectable taste sensation like no other.

Movenpick macaroons

4. Maple Walnut Indulgence

Freshly baked, light golden pancakes served with two scoops of Movenpick Maple Walnut ice cream, drizzled with indulgent Canadian Maple syrup and sprinkled with crunchy praline nuts.

Movenpick pancakes

5. Swiss Chocolate Obsession

Freshly baked, hot Belgian waffles served with Movenpick Swiss Chocolate and Stracciatella ice creams, drizzled with decadent chocolate sauce and sprinkled with rich chocolate shavings.

Movenpick waffles 1

And here is our beautiful host relishing a bite…



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