Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia

That is Borneo’s roof Mount Kinablu, standing majestically, in fact growing little by little at the rate of 5mm per year. Having a height of 4095m it is ranked 20th most prominent one in the world in terms of topographic prominence! This site also has the honor of being the first Unesco World Heritage site of Malaysia! The mountain is home to several carnivorous plants and beautiful orchids.A legend around its name is interesting. The mountain is named after a woman called Kinabalu who died pining for her husband on top of this mountain. Her husband from China, who promised to take her and their children to his home in China couldn’t honor his promise due to his parental pressure. The woman would climb the mountain facing the South China Sea everyday to look out for her husband’s ship. The people of her hometown, touched by this devotion to her husband named the mountain after her. The mountain is a symbol of the everlasting love and loyalty that should be taken as a good example by women!

There are lots of Mount Kinabalu climbing packages offering a wonderful tropical adventure for those daring to go. The guides are good, so they say, with many of them having the experience of climbing the mountain several hundred times. You will be given the assistance of English speaking guide, if you ask for one. It would be wise on your part to be equipped with comprehensive map, a torch, whistle, lightweight bivouac bag, proper clothing (thermal, fleece, waterproof, appropriate footwear), and supplies of high-energy food.

I didn’t avail any of these, but there, standing and watching the cloud puffs wrapping up the mountain I hoped to return some day to attempt a climb on this mountain.

Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Garden
Sapi Island, Malaysia

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