“Mother and Child” Copy of Jamini Roy’s Work

 Mother and Child is a famous painting done by the renowned artist Jamini Roy.

Copy of Jamini Roy’s “Mother and Child”

Seeing my daughters’ art works done during the vacations, I felt motivated to do one too. Mridula was willing to help, but I was not sure what I should attempt since this was the first time I was going to weld the paint brush seriously. All the paintings she suggested looked very beautiful and complicated too. Then I saw one of her works which she had done based on Jamini Roy’s Mother and Child.

Jamini Roy, the artist

Jamini Roy is a renowned artist of India, born in 1887 in an obscure Bengali village of the Bankura district, West Bengal, an area especially rich with folk art tradition. He arrived in Calcutta in 1903 to enroll in the Govt. School of Art. He was the most famous pupil of Abanindranath Tagore, whose contribution to the emergence of modern art in India remains unquestionable. He explored the local and tribal art forms, and his exploration started shaping his own unique art form. Mother and Child – is one of the most beautiful painting done by him. More… here.

Mother and Child Jamini Roy's work
( The above picture is the outlining done with M-seal, before I started the actual painting)
On a visit to Calcutta, Mahatma Gandhi once sent word to Jamini Roy to bring some paintings around for private showing. The artist politely refused. “As a man,” said Roy, “I will gladly go and touch his feet with my hands. As an artist, never. It is his duty to come and visit me.”

Mother and Child Jamini Roy's work 1
Jamini Roy evolved his own language of painting which he termed as ‘Flat Technique’. I felt it does not require too much shading work while painting, so chose to do this. Mridula helped me throughout. The outlining was done with M-seal to give it a mural effect. The almond shaped eyes took more time. In 20 hours spanning over a month the copy of the great work was ready.

Ganesha Idols from Pottery Town, Bangalore

14 Responses to ““Mother and Child” Copy of Jamini Roy’s Work

  • Looks very good, Indrani
    You can think of taking on commissioned work for exclusive and discerning people, and of course not price it exclusively ! 🙂

  • i have always admired people who can paint. i can only take photos but have no talent for drawing or painting…
    great work

  • Different nationalities have different versions of a mother and child. Happy WW!

  • mmmm… from camera shooting to now painting…. !!! Great work.

    No…. I won’t make the same mistake MG did…. will come over some time to admire thy works 😀

  • amazing. i am impressed. i have read about Abanindranath Tagore’s life before but the others are new to me. i will read up later.

  • You do absolutely wonderful work! Keep it up.

  • thats so divine and u are a genius…simply beautiful

  • wow this is fantastic ! Love the concept of flat art. I am not too creative but would love to try painting some day.

  • This Art is divine to me. One word? PERFECT.

  • Blair Villanueva
    1 year ago

    Such a beautiful artwork! This is a perfect bonding activity with your daughter, and have it as keeps-sake 🙂

  • This is lovely. I admire people who are so creative and artsy as I am not. This was really nice to see and read.

  • That is such a lovely painting! Other than occasionally doing nails and makeup, I suck at everything painting and I admire everyone who’s good at it.

  • Great great painting! I envy you a lot as I use to paint as well but can’t make some time due to other hobbies that took over. Keep working on this hobby!

  • Wow, impressive! I really like your masterpiece. You may consider to continue painting, you’re really skilled!

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