Missing the Snow

I am missing the snow of Greece terribly! When I was there I was wishing desperately that it would stop snowing, I was afraid it would ruin my travel plans. All was well till Lamia. As we proceeded towards Delphi weather started deteriorating and soon there were light snow showers. The entire scene changed. It had rained the previous night and snow removing trucks were on their job. The route Lamia to Delphi is through mountains and temperature had dropped to 2degrees. The Delphi archeological site was toured in snow shower. What an experience!

Leaves and flowers all under a coat of snow, the buds trying hard to peep out and bloom. We found a cat there all curled up in snow. It was petted by most tourists there. It seemed quite okay and comfortable walking around the stones of the ruins. The Delphi ruins had a coat of snow on them. But then I was glad it wasn’t raining because we weren’t armed with umbrellas.

Spending most part of my life in south of India I regard snow as something special. I discovered snow excites me. With layers of innerwear I could hardly feel the cold, so I took out my gloves often to feel the crispiness of snow, tasted and chewed it to find its crunchiness. I watched my daughters making tiny snowman, which gave me pure happiness. Both are in their teens, yet they behaved like small kids, running around collecting tiny sticks to make arms and searching for pebbles to make eyes. “Take this, no take that!” their excitement still ringing in my ears.

Till I experience snow again, I don’t know when that will be, I will have to satisfy myself with these old pictures.



A tourist with red jacket managed to add color to the otherwise pale settings. These pics are for Thursday challenge: RED.


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