Mirabell Garden, Salzburg

At last we were in Mirabell Gardens. It looked so familiar to us. We seemed to know most parts of the Mirabell gardens because of the innumerable times we saw the Sound of Music movie. This garden was one of the prime locations of shooting of this movie. Walking in the gardens, it is very easy to get transported, as in dreams, to the scenes of the movie and imagine yourself playing the various characters.

The Mirabell castle is beautiful, though these days it functions as office to Salzburg mayor and other officials. The original Baroque palace on this site was built in 1606 by Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, the most famous of Salzburg’s three archbishop-princes who elevated the city to a foremost rank in the Holy Roman Empire. There was a picture of him in one of my previous posts.

The Mirabell Garden is more famous. It is easily accessible without any tickets. The garden has the same design as it had in 1690 when it was made. The geometrical patterns along which the flowering plants are planted are still the same. The various statues scattered all around including that of nine dwarves depict unique characters. It definitely is a sensational place to see.

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