Milan’s Duomo

At last we were in Milan. From hotel we headed straight for the world’s third largest church, the Milan’s Duomo. On entering the Cathedral Square, the first sight of the façade of the Duomo left me stunned. It was evening when we reached there; the façade was reflecting the setting sun’s rays. The pink tinged Candoglia marble façade was looking pinkier.

To me it looked like a gigantic cardboard cut vertical structure. Strong and mighty, the monument was undamaged during the WW1, in spite of bombings nearby. The entire structure of the Duomo is behind the façade. The sculpted stories, the frame work of the doors, the details in them… all were so fascinating; I could stand hours there if only I had the time.

It is hard to imagine the church has a capacity for a congregation of 40,000. The work for this church was commissioned in 1386 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, it was finally completed in 1812. Centuries of work by thousands of workers, and what a marvel they created!

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