Mexifornia at California Pizza Kitchen 2015

It is again festival time at California Pizza Kitchen! The festival called “Mexifornia”! This is the third time in a row the chain is celebrating the festival in CPK outlets all over India. Like every festival, this too is loaded with a variety of crispylicious starters, cheesylicious pizzas and yummylicious desserts!

I am sure you know the story behind this food festival ‘Mexifornia’. You can read about it here.

From the wide range of dishes we bloggers were treated to these dishes. The welcome was with these MOCKTAILS.
APPLE JACK – Apple juice, lime juice and strawberry puree
MANGO TANGO – Mango juice, Orange juice, Passion fruit syrup and lime juice
ALOHA – Mango juice, Peach syrup and Half N Half.
I had the Apple jack, loved its sweet and tangy taste due to the lemon juice in it.

Delicious SALAD
CRISPY TORTILLA SALAD – Crisp tortilla tossed with shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, in tangy ranchito.

For APPETIZERS we had:
CPK NACHOS Nachos made Californian style, with cheese sauce, jalapenos and tomatoes
CORN JALAPENO EMPANADA – Sweet corn and jalapeno chilli with cheese, baked to perfection

CHICKEN TOMATILLO CHILLE – Chicken strips tossed with garlic, onion and trio peppers in New Mexico’s green chilli sauce.
SOUTHWESTERN CHILLE CHICKEN – Grilled chicken breast, basted with south west green chilli and cheese.



For main dish it was
MEXICAN HABANERO PIZZA Thin crust topped with Baja Cottage Cheese, white mushrooms, cherry tomato and habanero chilli
SOUTHWESTERN PIZZA – Traditional crust with Baja sauce, grilled onions, sweetcorn, tomatoes and broccoli.
And the best of all CHICKEN ASADA PIZZA
The Chicken Asada Pizza – a titillating serving of a robust traditional pizza with a sharp New Mexico chilli sauce with cheddar and fontina – a delicious semi-soft cheese-and shimmering, roasted peppers.
Presented as: Sliced chicken with cilantro pesto and New Mexico green chilli sauce sits on top of a traditional crust with cheddar and fontina cheese and roasted peppers.


Go for one of these SPECIALTY dishes:
My personal favorite CALIFORNIA STYLE CHIMICHANGA (see below). A lip-smacking specialty, California Style Chimichanga- a

stellar dish of Crispy fried wrap filled with California rice, cotija cheese or chicken, topped with cheddar cheese and served with Shredded Lettuce, Sour Cream
NEW MEXICO BASA FISH IN BANANA LEAF – Baja marinated Basa fish wrapped in a banana leaf and baked in our hearth oven.

Don’t forget to indulge in their DESSERTS. Desserts at California Pizza Kitchen, defy description. You have to dive into the Mexican

Caramel Banana Flan served on a bed of vanilla sponge with great lashings of Banana Cream

and Caramel sauce. Or the Trio of Chocolate Mousse, an opulent chocolate mousse flavored

with three layers of Mexican white, milk and dark chocolate flavoured with a hint of coffee

and served in its very own chocolate cup.

MEXICAN BANANA FLAN – A classic Banana Mexican Flan Served on bed of vanilla sponge topped with Banana cream and Caramel sauce.
TRIO OF WHITE, COFFEE & CHOCOLATE MOUSSE SERVED IN A CUP – Rich Chocolate mousse flavored with three layers of Mexican white, milk and

dark chocolate with hint of coffee served in dark chocolate cu.


Enjoy the carnival of flavours with an exceptional Mexifornia menu from May 21 to June 21,

2015 at all California Pizza Kitchen outlets across India.
Where: California Pizza Kitchen – Indiranagar, Pheonix Market City and Kormangala (No

When: May 21 to June 21, 2015
How much: Rs. 305++ onward


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