Moti Mahal in Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur was founded 15th century by Rathore Rajputs. Today this fort is converted in to a museum, managed by the royal trust. All palaces within the fort are not yet open to public, and the palaces that are accessible and open for public viewing are stunningly beautiful.

Below are some Meharangarh Fort Pictures

durbar-takhat-meherangarh-fort Meharangarh Fort Pictures
The Durbar Takhat or throne room in Moti Mahal (Pearl Palace)is one such place. The octagonal throne in the center of the hall is impressive, magnificent, with seats for the courtiers or the general public on either side.
The deep alcoves that you see above the doors are actually secret balconies for the queens to silently listen to the court proceedings and may be provide invaluable inputs to the king later.

One look at the gold filigree ceiling and your eyes will be glued there. They are covered with mirrors and gilt and is sparklingly beautiful. The lime plaster used in the walls of the room was mixed with finely crushed shells which gave the walls a pearl like luster and hence the name. The windows are all with stained glasses of different colors. Lights filtering in, in different colors you won’t want to move out from there. Today when I look at these Meharangarh Fort pictures, fond memories flood my mind and I wish I could visit again.


Mehrangarh Fort - 2
Rosewood Inlay Handicraft

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