Market Day at Piazza delle Erbe, Mantua

It happened to be a Thursday when we arrived at Mantua, we were lucky. Lucky because, it was a market day at Piazza delle Erbe. The huge square crowded with buyers and sellers. Stalls rowed up catering to every kind of demand of the buyers. Merchandise, flowers, trinkets, shoes and a stall just for socks, there were pots and pans for sale too.

Artists performing at street corners, I have blogged about it here. There was a kind of festive air around the place.

The stalls for food had tempting aroma around them, yummy cheese displayed at the counters made me grab for some. Mantua is famous for rearing a million pigs every year, and I saw one of them being roasted there; whole of it, not in pieces.

I liked the hustle bustle there. Elbowing my way through the crowds was an experience by itself. I was fore warned of pick-picketers there, but I am sure there are none in Mantua. By two in the noon all of them had winded up their business and left. The place was empty; the vacant look of the Piazza was highlighting its hugeness.

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Crowne Plazza
Cathedral of San Pietro, Mantua

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