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When it comes to food we Indians don’t shy away from experimenting! The latest on the platter for Bangalorean food lovers is the Indo Arab cuisine. No, it is not fusion of Indian and Arab cuisines but it is Indian influence on Arab cuisine. The depth of experimentation by renowned chefs, Chef Ashfaque Quereshi and Chef Irfan Quereshi is mind blowing!

Last Sunday I was invited to Majlis Restaurant for bloggers’ meet. Yet to be launched, this restaurant has already started getting eager customers visiting to taste Quereshis’ version of Indo Arab food. The friendly staff presented us with their special dishes. The food there has left me intoxicated with the flavors and aroma of this unique Indo Arab cuisine.

Majlis RestaurantMajlis Restaurant 2

Before we settled down we wandered around their spacious dining area. The hotel is in the 5th floor, so you can well imagine the view of (concrete) jungle from there. The lit up city in the nights looks grand. The seating arrangements are so tastefully done. I particularly liked the cushion covers, they are so ethnic.

To my dear alcohol loving friends let me tell you – no hard drinks are sold at Majlis restaurant. Though, they do have hookah for their smoking customers. The food parade started with delightfully pink colored milk which had lots of faluda seeds floating in it. Go for it if you have no qualms about raw milk. There is a long list of other soft drinks too but this rose milk is their specialty.

Majlis Collage 3Majlis Collage 2

Then the wicked starters marched in. They will kill your appetite if you fail to control your desires of munching on them non stop! The dips are so perfectly made; I failed to decide which was better the dip or the starters. Dips are an essential part of Arab cuisine, those of you who have tasted this cuisine will know this well. The secret is the subtle use of herbs and spices as compared to the Indian style.

Majlis Restaurant 5

The spread for main course was elaborate. Of course, biryani was a part of it. The look itself was enticing. Each grain stood out distinctly. It is a milder version of Indian preparation, more decent and gentler on tongue. There were naans, chicken and mutton curries. I liked the aroma of mutton curry the most, and as I am writing this I am craving for it more and more. The only item that didn’t go down well with me was their fish preparation. It is hard to satisfy a Bengali when it comes to fish! So, I think it is pardonable.

The dessert was rice phirni! It was slightly pale I felt. It didn’t have the rich creamy feel and no signs of coarse rice too. After a heavy meal this fits in perfectly. It was richly garnished with dry fruits. They served it in little earthen pots; the presentation was too good.

Majlis Restaurant 8

So, if this post has got you curious enough about Indo Arab cuisine hop over to Majlis Restaurant, the one and only one Indo Arabic restaurant in Kamanahalli, Bangalore. The chefs co-own this restaurant with Harish Lakhiani from Dubai.

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