Mainz Cathedral

We halted at Mainz next. A powerful city once famous for its long history from Roman times and even more famous as the birth place of Guttenberg, this city is definitely worth a visit if you are anywhere near. Johannes Guttenberg, inventor of printing with moveable type ushered in the modern information age. The Guttenberg museum here showcases items as old as 500 years old related to printing technology. The sad part was that we missed this museum as it was closed due to Good Friday weekend or may be we were late. It was almost 5pm. Check out this site if you plan to be there: Guttenberg Museum Mainz.

We headed to Mainz Cathedral, a reddish brown massive structure, standing strong since 975 AD. This is yet another miraculously surviving cathedral of Germany because during World War II, Allied bombing of Mainz destroyed 80% of the city, but the cathedral was left almost entirely unharmed. Officially known as St. Martin’s cathedral, this Dom is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture. As usual I try to take the pictures of the impressive doorways the cathedrals of Europe have. These are pics of two doorways of the cathedral. These are some of the surviving ornamental pieces of the cathedral from Romanesque pier basilica: the bronze door panels of the market portal.

Mainz Cathedral Interiors
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