Maha Shashti of Durga Pujo

Yesterday was Maha Sashti, 6th day of Durga Pujo of Bengalis.

Significance of Maha Shashti

For Bengali people each day of Durga Pujo has its own significance. Maha Shashti of Durga Pujo too has its own significance in the rituals. The day begins with bodhon or unveiling of face of Goddess Durga. Finishing touches are given to the decoration of pandals. Most mothers observe fast on the Maha Shashti day of Durga Pujo. They pray for the welfare of their child, do anjali (offerings to God) wearing new clothes. After they break their fast they eat limited food stuffs and non veg food is a strict no.

Durga Pujo Pandals

There are around 22 Durga Pujo pandals(a temporary gathering place) in Bangalore this year (the figure can only be higher definitely not lower.) The festive mood has set in and Bengalis seem to be fully and grandly dressed up for it. I have shut my kitchen down for these 5 days. The pandals have plenty of food stalls and loads of entertainment programs.

When I started writing it was still a Monday, 19th October. Yesterday on the day of Maha Shashti of Durga Pujo I visited 4 pandals, one in Indiranagar and 3 in Koramangla. Each is different; you can notice the differences in the make of the idols. Hope I will be able to visit more in the coming days. With traffic chaos increasing every other day commuting from one part of city to another is getting increasingly difficult.

Indiranagar Durga Pujo

Maha Shashti of Durga Pujo 2015

Koramangla in Bangalore has 3 pandals.

Koromangla Pandal 1


Idols at Koromangla Pandal 2


Koromangla Pandal 3


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