Lonar Crater (part-2), Aurangabad, Maharashtra

This post is a continuation from Lonar Crater part-1
Curiosity couldn’t hold us and we were in fact rushing the last few steps to get to the banks of Lonar Lake. I wanted to taste the water there, as I had read before that the water tasted salty. One look at the water and I decided to be content with the visual treat of the emerald green water there. The water was not dirty, but it was green due to rich growth of algae in it.

There is no outlet for this water body other than evaporation, which may be the reason for its salinity. Some water birds were swimming at a distance, which indicated the water was fit enough for animals to survive in it.
Ishani on seeing the boys there commented wishfully, “How lucky they are to have a whole crater to play around and swim in”! The boys there filled a bottle with crater water for us. They were in fact encouraging us to taste it for its salinity but we didn’t dare to.
“Scientists suspect that the meteor is still embedded about 600m below the south-eastern rim of the crater.”- Lonely Planet South India. We spent about 15 minutes at the lake; it was cool in every sense of the word! And discovered a few more wonders around it: several temples, some of which dating back to 13th century or older.

Temples along Lonar Crater

There are many temples along the lake shore. Some are in ruins; the Shiva Linga of this temple in ruins is missing.
The extremely beautiful Shankar Ganesh temple… I stood here transfixed by the architectural beauty of this small shrine still maintained and preserved so well…
The wooden idol of Rama… “It has been here for centuries”, said the boys, who were constantly accompanying us from the time we landed at the base… the idol of Hanuman in the shrine just opposite to the Rama temple.

The Mor Mahadev temple, situated close to the water. Half of it gets submerged in water when there are heavy rains and Lonar water level rises.
Try and reach the place before 11am, after this the descent under the scorching sun can sap you of your energy. Take decent amount of energy boosters and water especially if you are traveling with children. We visited the place in the peak of winters, when the mercury read 32 degrees, it was HOT.
The temple on the other side of the lake…the view is hypnotic. Standing here I thought- “What if a meteorite hits us at this moment, but such things do not happen out of the blue. Actually they do happen, read here, you get all news of Near Earth Objects and their predicted paths and movements.


Painted Storks at Kaggaladu, Karnataka
Lonar Crater, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

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  • Hi Indrani! The answer to your daughter’s query may be: http://www.leo-parade.de/
    and then «PR & Images» and »Album». There are five albums… That’s what I found in Google… The lions on my post at Blogtrotter are pictures I took…
    The Lonar looks amazing. Closer is similar to one of the Sete Cidades Crater in Sao Miguel, Azores! The Green one…
    Have a great week!

  • Another nice post with good pictures. Thanks Indrani.

  • Beautiful place. Where exactly is this?

  • GMG: Thanks for the link.

    Raji: Thanks!

    Ajeya: It is 165km from Aurangabad, you can take a taxi or bus from Aurangabad to Buldhana. For those zipping across the country in bikes like you, it will take 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours??

  • The story and pictures of this crator are fascinating. Looking at the world as a whole and thinking of the possiblities beyond our planet make even the most nerve wracking problems seem small by comparison.

    I have to kind of laugh at myself about the architectural pictures, though…my first thought when I saw your pictures was how they reminded me of some scenes from the Indiana Jones movies. Are you familiar with them? (I think maybe I should look to more academic sources for my visual education. lol)


  • this is absolutely amazing…the temples, idols and of course the crater itself ..am going to get in touch with you when I go there

  • Very interesting post. And you answered my question in Part I of your post in Part II. Thank you. 🙂

  • Came back to see it more closely. It’s an amazing crater. Will put it on my list… With all that I’ve seen in your and your visitors blogs, I must at least count with 4 more trips to India to have a short idea of the subcontinent… Difficult to manage!
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter where I’m now strolling around Bilbao!
    Have a great weekend!

  • What an amazing place to explore. I am not sure whether it is but it should be included in one of my favorite books: “1000 Places to See Before You Die”.

    Perhaps it is even mentioned there but unfortunately I have no time to look it up right now.

    Indranim, do you also have a list of places you want to visit during your life time?

    My list has been National Heritage sites around the world, but I am afraid I won’t live long enough to see them all…

  • Thanks Kari and yes we do worry about small problems in this big big world.

    Sure Lakshmi, any time.

    celine, Gil Thanks.

    Helmi, I do have dreams like you.:)
    May God give you a long life to fulfil all your dreams.

  • When did you visit? I have been wanting to visit Lonar this year too, waiting for the monsoons to get over…

    • Indrani Ghose
      2 years ago

      I visited long back The Untourists. It was Dec 2007.

  • Thanks, Indrani, for the beautiful account of the place. Your advice is duly noted that one should truy to visit before 11am. 🙂

  • An amazing account of the place! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
    2 years ago

    Good that you didn’t taste the water! The view of the temple is amazing indeed…

  • Thanks for bringing to light places like these

  • very nice description of the crater. Wonderful temples.

  • I’d love to see this crater!

    Thank you for telling me about it, Indrani.

  • Oh I went there just after monsoons so it was totally green and so beautiful.

    Good that you didn’t drink that water. Few people have fainted near the water because of the sulphur contents and the fumes.

    You brought back memories. 🙂

  • It is interesting to see the evidences of meteorite hit. kids must have been excited to see the crater. No?

  • Really awesome… this place is truly mesmerizing. The interest it creates due to the whole astronomical aspect is something that lead me to mark this place on top of my list.

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