Little Black Cormorant at Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Black cormorants are plenty in Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. There are different kinds of them and this I think is the Little Black Cormorant, of course a bird expert will know better. I caught it drying its wings and unfortunately I was facing the sun. I got just the silhouette.

The boatman then veered the boat in a favorable direction for me to capture it well.

A little more about cormorants: You will be surprised to know they can be made helpful pets. In countries like China, Japan, fishermen use them to catch fish. They tie a line around the throats of cormorants, tight enough to prevent swallowing, and deploy them from small boats. The cormorants catch fish without being able to fully swallow them. Fishermen are able to retrieve the fish simply by forcing open the cormorants’ mouths, apparently engaging the regurgitation reflex. How is that?!



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