Lily Of The Valley

Yet another flower impossible to grow in India; the Lily of Valley Flowers. The remote possibility of finding them would be in the regions that are cold all twelve months of the year. When I chanced upon the sight of this single stalk of bells, I went on my knees. They are tiny, measuring a centimeter, with a gentle breeze blowing; it was a challenge to frame them well. After so many settings I got them standing still in my frame. 

Convallaria majalis, a beautiful little flower, so hard to believe they are poisonous. It is considered as garden weed by some, how can they think so? I thought. There are just three varieties of this flower, the one here is the Convallaria majalis var. montana – from the USA, with green-tinted midribs on the flowers. I found this growing in the gardens of a castle in Normandy region, France.

This flower is the May Birth Flower, and the meaning is sweetness and humility. That is obvious from the way these little ones are bowing down.

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