Since we were halting at Pisa for the night we had ample time, around five to six hours in hand; which meant we could easily drive around in the region, visit a couple of towns and be back to hotel by sunset. Our first destination from there was Lerici (pronounced LEH-ree-chee). By now we had developed a good feel of the left hand drive and felt quite secure from the speeding vehicles overtaking from left.

Lerici is a small fishing town in the Gulf of La Spezia, also called, the Bay of Poets, because Byron, Shelley and Keats played upon its shores. We reached quite early and the Sunday crowds hadn’t poured in yet. Luckily we got an empty parking slot in a parking strip along the beach and we set off to dip our feet in the Ligurian Sea. I had never seen such blue waters before. The beaches of Thailand and India have an emerald green sea and this blue seemed more pleasant to me then.

The boats were inactive in the shores. The castle of Lerici stood tall and mighty at a distance; it now has the role of a museum, the Museum of Paleontology, a one of a kind museum in all of Europe. The villas, all very colorful and stacked side by side like colorful boxes, the mountains in the background and a blue sea as front view; it did seem like an ideal place to live. We had the feedback that non-residents of the town are not allowed to drive into the town’s center so we just walked along the beach; probably one of the best short walks we had in Italy.

Sunset in Pisa

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