Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

You are in Bangalore on work, your work gets over much ahead of your planned time and you have a day to spare, what do you do? If you love traveling and love to soak in beauty of Indian sculptures then make yourself comfortable in the hotels of Bangalore, Lepakshi is one of the nearest destinations from Devanahalli International airport, Bangalore. LePakshi is 87kms from the airport and can be covered in 1hr 17mins. You can stay at any of the budget hotels in Bangalore and below is the route map to LePakshi from google maps.

The temples of Lepakshi are carved with mythological stories. If you are there ask the pujaris to guide you around. They tell you such interesting stories! It is believed that the three temples and all other structures were sculpted by two brothers Viranna and Virupanna. Ask the guides specifically for hanging pillar, Padmini rice lady, footprint of Sita (place where Sita of Ramayana is believed to have stepped), rock chain, red marks on the wall where the sculptor is believed to smashed his own eyes… many more.

I found the ‘naga (snake) lingam’ most amazing. A huge shiva lingam shaded by seven headed snake! I stood rooted at the spot at its sight! What imagination! The temple priest told us it is a monolithic structure. The story is: when sculptors returned home for lunch they saw their mother hadn’t prepared the lunch yet. So while waiting for the lunch to be prepared the two brothers sculpted this naga lingam. I am glad I made the trip to this place. You can see some more pics here.

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20 Responses

  1. eileeninmd says:

    Wow, what a cool sculpture and great imagination. I can not imagine coming across a 7 headed snake.

  2. This is a lovely temple. Nice post Indrani.

  3. Raksha says:

    How much time does it take from Bangalore?

    1 hr 17 mins is from airport or from the Blr city? I am interested in going there this weekend. WIll contact u if I need any data.


  4. Thanks for the comments friends.
    Raksha, 1hr 17 min is from Devenahalli Int. airport.

  5. Beautiful place to be, and the snake, wow.

  6. George says:

    This sounds like a fascinating place to visit. The temple in the background of your photo looks gorgeous.

  7. TexWisGirl says:

    wow, that snake sculpture is amazing!

  8. Beautiful post. Lovely temples.
    I send greetings.

  9. Pattu Raj says:

    Beautiful photograph Indrani, the enlarged version is awesome. Thanks.

  10. Oh yes the sculpture is beautiful and I am yet to visit. Should make it this year. that's what blogging does. reminds of places to see and plan

  11. ladyfi says:

    Amazing snake sculpture!

  12. Shaivi says:

    Awesome sculptures….sitting in Delhi, the place seems far. But really tempted to visit whenever time permits.

  13. So many interesting places to explore and this one is so full of history!

  14. Ancient sculptures have their own style. Nice read.

  15. Malini says:

    I thought I've visited every possible getaway around Bangalore and you write this! Hmm, need to find time for this now.

  16. magiceye says:

    Amazing place. Beautifully captured!

  17. Sri Valli says:

    That's a amazing sculpture! Nandi pictures are beautiful too!

    Wish I visit that place soon 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Indrani 🙂

  18. its a very interesting image that you have added…enticing temple….will keep in my travel list when i travel to andhra

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