Performance by Laurent Decol, Mime Artist

Laurent Decol, this mime artist is amazing! He is one of World’s greatest mime artists. Not a single word spoken and Laurent Decol, told us stories after stories with just the use of his hands and facial expressions. Laurent had not only the children but the adults too rolling with laughter with his fine acts. He enacted ordinary people from everyday life, their mannerisms, their views and wishes, numerous emotions in an eloquent manner, each time leaving the audience wishing for more.

Nine acts in 75minutes each had a unique story. In ‘The Public Park’ act Laurent played various characters, including one of a priest who walks on reading, holding a book (imaginary) upside down. The act of ‘balloon seller and a child’ held the audience captivated and finally when the little boy is flown away with the balloons in his hand, the speechless audience suddenly broke into a roar of thunderous claps.

The most popular one with the children seemed to be the one about circus. Laurent plays the role of a weightlifter who struggles to lift weights and he picks a little girl from the audience to lift up the weight (imaginary). The little girl very effortlessly lifts up the weight which Laurent was struggling to lift just a few minutes back, this had the spectators hold their stomachs and laugh. When Laurent shakes hand with the little weightlifter, he screams out silently as if in pain and his hand is getting squished by her.

I, for once, forgot myself, joined the kids and laughed my heart out. I don’t remember when I had seen a show by a mime artist last, and I enjoyed every minute of the show. The show was held at Alliance Franchise, Bangalore on 25th Jan ’11.

Artists at Uffizi, Florence

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