Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge of Malaysia figures in the list of World’s eighteen strangest bridges. That definitely makes it a compelling reason to include this sky bridge in my list of must see places in Malaysia. It is located at the peak of Gunn Mat Chinchang on Pulau Langkawi, an island in the Langkawi archipelago in Kedah. The dimensions and parameters of this sky bridge is mind boggling.

                  (Picture from Google maps)

The construction of this cable stayed bridge was completed in 2005 and an aerial view of this curved bridge shining on a bright day resembles a piece of modern art! It is suspended by cables 700m above sea level, runs across the mountains, over exotic jungles. You get unique spatial experience and great views of Thailand’s Tarutao Island and of the Andaman Sea. The curved form given to it around a single support adds to the excitement of going on the bridge. As you walk along the bridge, since the end is not in sight, the view keeps changing.

          (Picture from Wikipedia)

The last thrilling scenes of famous Bollywood movie Don was shot in this bridge. Each end of this bridge has triangular observation decks; you get 360 degree view from these viewing platforms. It is a great place for photo shoots and for some amazing captures. A fifteen minute cable car ride takes you to the bridge, time your visit to get spectacular sunset views. Just one caution: If you are scared from heights stay away because though safe in all respects, the height can be dizzying.

Bridges are a symbol of a nation’s progress and in that respect Langkawi Sky Bridge is definitely one of emblematic significance for Malaysia!

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