Lad Bazaar, Hyderabad

A 200 year old street in the heart of old Hyderabad, it is most visited by women. I too braved the chaos of traffic around Charminar of Hyderabad and made a beeline for the row of shops here. The street is famous for the bangles sold here. Traditional ethnic style bangles to modern varieties, you name your desire and they are available at pocket friendly prices to skyrocketing prices. The simple glass bangles are as tempting as the stone studded lac bangles. I couldn’t resist slipping on a few on my wrist.

A very small stretch, this street has 100s of shops selling bangles. The vendors keep calling out to the ladies promising them exquisite designs at reasonable prices. New designs in bangles are introduced at the onset of festivals, and there are young college girls, homemakers and even would be brides clamoring to add these to their collections. It is a feast to eyes just standing and watching the activities here.

The name of the street Lad Bazaar means the street of love, and it is believed that Ladli Begum, wife of Mir Mehboob Ali, the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad founded Lad Bazaar. The little apartments on either side of the street are used as karkhanas (workshops) for manufacturing the bangles. A Street dedicated to only bangles, a tradition so well preserved for centuries, it seemed as if the time has stood still here.

Do you know of any street dedicated to just one particular item?

Thursday Challenge: Things that are simple.

Charminar, Hyderabad
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  • What a fascinating, interesting post for the day, Indrani! The bangles are beautiful and I would love to wander down that street! Your photos are marvelous as always! Have a lovely evening!


  • Great pictures Indrani,
    i like this so much.

    Greetings, Joop

  • Those bangles are gorgeous!

  • Interesting pictures.. I have visited Hyd a number of times..but did not realize that the charminar street is 200 years old..!

  • OMG, I could spend a whole day in this street, shopping for bangles, and of course photographing them. How neat.

  • What a beautiful and colourful place. Until you said that the whole street was dedicated to selling just bangles, I thought the 2nd photo was showing bolts of thread. That's a LOT of bangles..and they're just beautiful.

  • I enjoyed seeing the sights on the interesting street.

  • Lovely to see a popular street from India 🙂
    And bangles in all colors
    I have never seen so much 🙂

  • How wonderful, Indrani. What a great place to buy gifts, too. Bangles would be perfect for sisters, nieces, granddaughters – and wouldn't take up much room in the shopper's luggage!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  • This is great place of shopping fro ladies.The variety here is amazing.

  • must have been packed yesterday being the day of love!

  • No,I know of no such street. Thank you for such an interesting post. It was especially appropriate you found one dedicated to love on this Valentine's Day (where I am it is currently V Day). 🙂

  • Wow lovely to see so many bangles for sale. If I am there, am sure to buy lots of the bangles. 🙂

  • You have put an otherwise chaotic bazar in historic perspective. I have been there,without having given any thought to the street's history.

  • I don't wear bracelets any more, but I'd love to take a stroll down that old street full of bangles! A lively and colourful world, I'm sure!

  • nice post Indra… love that second shot of the bangle store

    Epitome of Eternal Love

  • I’d like to stroll around this old street in person and buy a few of bangles for reasonable price, though I might unable to decide easily due to numerous choices.

    In Nihonbashi (Osaka, Japan) there are streets which specialize in dolls, furniture, or electronic appliances, and so on. There come many tourists especially from China and Korea.

  • I enjoyed your post, Indrani. My wrist would be sore from trying on bangles! How does one choose with so many available? I hope you bought yourself one!

  • I like the second photo: so colorful!
    In response to your question: I know of Via Montenapoleone in Milan where they sell designer clothes, and maybe Rodeo Drive in L.A.? 🙂

  • Very interesting post. You always do good research for your posts.

  • Gorgeous bangles and street. I've been here – I thought it was called Choodi bazaar!

  • Beautiful and informative pictures!

  • The bangles are tempting! I'm sure I would have walked away with one…or more. 🙂

  • Wonderful post, Indrani! The bangles are gorgeous.

  • My anscertral home was just a kilometer. Well the bangales are exquisite, if you can manage the crowd. I presume A post on pearls will follow

  • Nice post. Should visit one day

  • Very interesting views of the street and the bazar, Indrani! The bangles are nice.

  • Wonderful place to shop . Pearls are also Hot favorite here .

  • Is there a man's street where they can go when the womaen go to this street?

  • I love those bangles. These shots are wonderful. So real, so natural.

  • The trinkets are lovely ofcourse but the bazaar gives me claustrophobia ! 🙂

  • Since I listened to Sitar music played by Ravi Shankar, I have loved Indian music.

    Your photos are exotic and fantastic. I hope to visit this place oneday.

  • well come to ladbazar charminar hyderabad

  • Have only heard of khau gallis 🙂

  • Colorful bazaar and those splendid gajras look interesting.

  • Very nice and colorfull! I just love walking in bazaars such as this one!
    The last picture is the best for me!

  • Gorgeous bangles!

  • Lovely place 🙂 Beautiful bangles 🙂 Next time I will definitely visit Lad Bazaar in my Hyderabad Trip 🙂

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