Laces of Bruges

The best way to explore Bruges is by walk. In addition to the attractive facades of the heritage buildings and the winding canals, one another thing the city is famous for is the handmade laces. Walking through the lanes peeping through the shop windows, taking shots, I enjoyed it the most.

Numerous items on display were made with such laces. The fabrication process of these laces is described here in detail.

Laces were made of great width, the designs has distinct border on a lacy background. It looks as if it is full of holes. This lace work is called the bobbin lace, a specialty of Bruges. The art handed down from centuries. It was taught in schools then, girls qualified in this art while taking religious education. I wish there are more schools today imparting this kind of art and such art is preserved for ever.

The Holy Savior Cathedral , Bruges, Belgium
The Belfry of Bruges, Belgium

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  • Oh, these are exquisite, Indrani! I would so enjoy being able to visit there and see these — would like to be able to have one of these!! You have captured the details beautifully! Hope you have a great week!

  • Make a wonderful souvenir.

    Please have a good Tuesday.

  • The lace is very beautiful. I like the variety you shot.

  • These are very lovely. I do hope the tradition is continued, and people continue to learn how to make these lovely laces.

  • exquisite work

  • These are all marvelous examples of laces. It's hard to imagine the skill required to produce such beautiful work.

  • Loved it. I have known this art was quite wide spread in the country side of Spain. At that point of time I thought, perhaps this was on account of the Moorish influence.

  • Beautiful lace, great compositions, Greetings.

  • Such lovely shots of the lace.

  • Oh my gosh! Those laces are exquisite!!

  • Another great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  • incredible details in that lace!

  • Very famous lacework indeed!

  • A beautiful art, this. I have seen examples of lace making in progress with all the spools pinned to a pillow. There are many ways to make it, and they are very impressive. I appreciate your photos and the way they capture the texture and intricacy of this work.

  • I visited your redbubble site, again and just love looking at everthing you do there, I alway am amazed how creative you are. This post shows how versatile your interests are!! And I would like to see more faces of India but can't find the link to that blog now.

  • Beautiful Belgium laces. I agree with you…the way to see it is to walk. I did it everywhere I went. Belgium is such a wonderful place to visit. The people so kind and accommodating. A beautiful post. genie

  • These are so so beautiful!! Did u bring back any??????????

  • Very beautiful I hope you took some home with you, I have some of my mother in laws antique lace which I still use.

  • I love those laces. Amazing and pretty girlie stuff, i think… and i love it..

  • Lovely! I could see it being used as a pillow cover. I assume its used for frocks, table cloths etc. Right?

  • I agree, it would be a pity of bobbin lace craft were to disappear. I once attended classes, long enough to understand the basics and to produce a few small items of my own. But the time and concentration required are what is lacking in the world today, where the pace of life is always in a rush…

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