Kürtős Kalács, Chimney Cake of Hungary

What is traveling to a country and not tasting its traditional cuisine! I am highlighting here one Hungarian specialty: the Kürtős Kalács. Kürtős in Hungarian language means chimney and Kalács means cake… so that makes it Chimney Cake. How is that for a bite!

Chimney Cake of Hungary

Well, this one actually gave us company during over strolls in the streets of Hungary till it vanished into our hungry tummies. At one place in the streets of Buda castle hill, I was lucky to witness how this snack is made. The pre-prepared dough balls of milk, yeast, sugar, flour, eggs, salt, and butter were neatly stacked. I made a quick mental note of the flavoring ingredients there: nuts, cinnamon, almonds, coconut, hazelnuts, walnuts, sugar. However when I queried about the measure of the ingredients, the cooks around were tight lipped about it. The preparation time is more, while actual cooking time of the snack is just ten minutes or may be even less.

The Process of Making Chimney Cake

The lady in charge rolled flat the balls of dough, she then cut them into thin strips. The strips were then wound over what looked like wooden cylinders; she finally tucked the final tip of the strip under. After brushing with oil, these were rolled over flour and were then toasted over fire for five to six minutes.

We watched it, with full anticipation and eager eyes, changing color from light creamy yellow to light brown to a crispy brown. An irresistible flavor soon spread and that increased our hunger pangs. The lady took them out from the oven and with gentle taps removed the chimney cake from the cylinder. We were then asked what coat we would like to have… ‘chocolate with or without nuts’, or ‘sugar and cinnamon’ or ‘just plain’…more.

The wicked ‘we’ chose four different flavors, our minds scheming to take bites from each other’s chimney cake. Decency held us back from grabbing the rolls from her hand. With a polite ‘thank you’ and payment done we were on the streets merrily biting in to the delicious crispy cakes! Heavenly! I say!

Nimrod's statue, Gyor
Carmelite Church, Gyor, Hungary

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  • Looks good indrani.

  • Yum, it looks nice.

  • Unique and interesting. Good to see.

  • That looks divine. Very interesting post and photos.

  • How fun to watch them being made! They look delicious to me!! What a delightful post for the day, Indrani! Thanks for the smiles to start the day! Have a lovely evening!


  • Interesting.

  • What a wonderful experience. Makes me hungry just to think about it, and your photos make me salivate.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  • Interesting post illustrated with great photos!
    Cheers from Melbourne, Australia!

  • that looks so yummy. very interesting post and nicely illustrated too. thanks for sharing.

  • Delicious! What a lovely experience.

  • Yummy,yummy…. They look interesting and very tasteful!

  • Such a speciality! And it looks good also! I've never seen these cakes before.. Fun to see! 🙂
    But.. how did you make two pictures in one by holding the mouse on the picture? I would like to know.. 🙂

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness this looks delicious. No matter how much time it took to make them I’m sure they disappeared within minutes!

  • Yummy… ;-))
    Very interesting post Indrani!
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  • I am ready for one bite.

  • I had these in Romania earlier in the year, and yup, DELICIOUS!

  • That cake looks delicious:) I've never heard about it, so it was interesting reading.

  • Oh, how yummy! I wish I had been with you!

  • They look wonderful! Thank you for you nice comment on my blog. Dabney is safe…just enjoying the view from under a couple of picnic benches.

    I hope you're having a beautiful week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  • the cake looks fluffy and light.
    looks yummy! would def. give it a try. ^0^

  • oh that is yummy looking.

  • Must have been a great experience besides culinary delight!

  • Interesting and yummy!

  • I have never baked anything before – cook yes, bake never. I feel that I cannot do it. Yet, perhaps the Hungarian chimney delight I may. If not, the delicious concoction will still be as tasty in picture!

  • Joop, Bob, Babli… it tastes good too. 🙂
    Carver, Sylvia, I am glad you found the post interesting.
    magic eye, J Bar, glad you like it.
    Kay, NixBlog, Suzy… glad you liked the pictures and the way I presented them.
    Ladyfi, readerwil,… they are indeed tasty.
    Viola… these are a specialty of Hungary and they are quite secretive of the ingredients used.
    aka Penelope, FotoAnna.. thanks so much for the comments. They are delicious!

  • Rajesh… glad my post tempted you so much. 🙂
    Francisca…. so you tasted it… 🙂 Thanks for your comment.
    Sivinden, E G Wow, The Little Red shop… glad you like this treat, virtual though.
    arabesque, Photofache, Ash, glad you found this traditional food item of Hungary interesting.
    Rahul, yes it was a delicious experience.
    Ralph, I hope this post inspires you to bake.

  • UUMM that cake must be very rich.

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