Kuih Jala, A Malaysian Snack

How much food can you carry while traveling? When tours and travel last a couple of days, you can depend on your stocked rations, but for long travel period what sort of food do you prefer? Do you prefer the local cuisine or fast food chains like McDonald?

I always try to taste the local food. For Malaysia too I have prepared a long list of must taste dishes. One among them is Kuih Jala. This is a famous snack item of Malaysia. In Malay the name means: Kuih cake and Jala is net, so the meaning is NET CAKE! Doesn’t the name sound delicious and a look at the picture gives a “cruchilicious” feel.

The basic ingredients that are required to make this are few: rice flour, sugar and water. A liquid batter is made out this. There ends the simplicity! The process of making the net requires practice and patience to reach that level of perfection. The liquid batter is poured through a coconut shell with many holes into hot oil in circular motion. Then with sticks fold this net into shapes you desire while it is still being fried. It will require some practice before you can roll them into neat circular rolls as in the picture.

                    (Picture: Beehive Communications)

These are packeted and sold over counters. You can have them freshly made for you too, may be even try your skills at preparing this local snack. It may be a snack item but I think I can eat it any time of the day. Craving for one right now!

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