Kuching, The Cat City

Today’s post on Malaysia is for animal lovers, particularly the “cat lovers”. I stumbled on this place during the research for ongoing Malaysia Tourism project.

Kuching in Malaysia is the place where all cat lovers should head to, as no where in world you will find so many cat statues scattered all around. And there is a museum dedicated to cats, the CAT MUSEUM! The cat museum has around 2000 exhibits on cats from all over the world, probably the only place in world to have such an amazing collection on cats. Plenty of children’s art, trivia, pictures  and movie posters on cats are displayed here. Entry is free, there is a nominal charge for taking photographs. It is a good learning experience to be there.

Kuching city is divided into two parts. The pic below is from South Kuching City. Pic courtesy: Beehive Communications.

As you tour Kuching, scan around and you can zoom into fishing cats, a beckoning cat and even a smiling cat. The colorful cats are placed at centre square, at crossroads; they add uniqueness to the city. One of the statues, (in the above picture) a lone waving cat, it is nicknamed as “The Great Cat of Kuching”. The cat has blue eyes, a cute bow tie and wire whiskers. It is dressed in traditional attires during major festals. So if you time your visit with any of these festivals: the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Gawai Dayak and Christmas, you can bring back lots of pictures of it dressed.

This picture is from North Kuching City. Pic courtesy: Beehive Communications.

The name “Kuching” means CAT in Malay language. It got its name in 1876, probably a re-spelt version of its previous name “Kuchin”. This name was coined by James Brooke in 1839 similar to Cochin a port in India. Another assumption is the city got its name because of the presence of lots of cats along the Sarawak river banks. Leisure and learning, you get this combined experience here!

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