Krishna Raja Sagara Dam, Mysore

Krishna Raja Sagara Dam is another hotspot to visit if you are in Mysore as a tourist. The gardens are done up beautifully and what adds to the charm there are the numerous fountains. We were there late evening when the sun had set and darkness was sinking in. The garden was lit up.

 The major attraction here in the evenings is the musical fountain display of one hour from 7PM to 8PM. There is a small gallery in the form of steps; people usually rush to occupy the seats here. Since the show is free the seats are first come first occupied.

There are 4 shows of 10mins duration and a 5mins break after that. So after the first round i.e. after 7.10 the crowd thins out. The ones who were sitting in the floor now clamour for the seats in the steps. Each session ends with the music of patriotic song ‘Saare jahaan se achha…’

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