Kolkata, My Dream City

Kolkata, capital of West Bengal is a city of joy for some, for many others it is a city of dreams. For me it is a city I am dreaming to visit. I had been there a couple of times that is almost two decades back, it was Calcutta then! Sigh! What I hear now is the city’s façade has changed. Lot of changes outwardly but its traditional spirit hasn’t.

Kolkata is well connected; all airlines have flights to this city. You can book your Airways flight from any part of the world. It is one of the few carriers serving destinations across all six major continents. Kolkata has umpteen number of must see sights, even a seven day tour will not suffice. I am at a loss to choose what over what.

The must see sights of Kolkata varies over such a wide range that it has something or other to offer to satisfy your visual cravings. Lonely Planet says there are 210 things to do in this single city.

British rule has left behind its stamp in the form of Victorian style mansions; I vaguely remember the classic outline of these buildings. The child in me is fantasizing a tram ride, only Kolkata offers this in the whole of India. The holy effect of Belur Math has worn off. The memory of the sight of Howrah Bridge has almost faded, it is said that the sight of the colossal Howrah Bridge is enough to quench the thirst of any traveler. All these have to be remedied and I am craving for another visit to Kolkata.

Google Maps Kolkata

Joan of Arc Statue, Orleans, France
Facade Of St. Croix, Orleans, France

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