10 Steps to Keep Yourself Motivated, My Take

10 Steps to Keep Yourself Motivated

Recently I was reading an article which focused on how to motivate children towards good thoughts, good activities and good results. Most often we are successful with the “carrot dangling just ahead” method. What about us? Don’t we too need motivation to surge ahead in life? Most of us are in such a stage of life that we seem to have achieved what we were aspiring for since we were young. Monotony has set in and often we are not able to start the day with a cheer on our face. I myself find it hard to get motivated to exercise. So I have charted these 10 steps to keep yourself motivated.

 10 Steps to Keep Yourself Motivated

Below are ten points which I shall not claim to be “The Mantra” to get motivated, but they are definitely helpful to get out of the slump that may have set in.

  1. Thinking too big and setting large goals can act as deterrents, so break up the main goal in to smaller ones and target one at a time and gradually proceed to achieving the larger goal. Of course, don’t forget to celebrate when you achieve the small goals.
  2. Identify your goal, read about it and may be blog on it. The comments you receive can keep you motivated for a long time to come. (Oh yeah! I am blogging on this for the same purpose.)
  3. Each day few negative thoughts manage to creep in to the mind. Spend some time sorting them out. Replace them with positive thoughts forcefully.
  4. Read and think about your goals daily. Keep a chart that will indicate how much has been achieved and how little is left to attain the final result.
  5. Don’t give up half way through, stick on with your efforts. The road is smooth with minor bumps along the way. This is one of the most important among the 10 steps to keep yourself motivated
  6. Sometimes when the going gets alone, it can depress you. Look for support from like minded people. You have decided to quit drinking, look for organizations and forums which can help you.
  7. Make bold reminders. “Quit Smoking”, “Quit Drinking” or “Exercise for 15 minutes”… more. Paste them on your mirror, refrigerator, inside of wardrobe; this will help you remain focused.
  8. Look for inspirations, read success stories, google your goal and find the steps to achieve them.
  9. Keep yourself excited about the end result you are going o achieve. You have started a painting, keep working at it dreaming how beautiful the finished product will look, which room you will put it up, the effort is lot easier.
  10. Commit the goal you have decided to achieve publicly, that way you won’t back out of it soon. After all it is a matter of your reputation. To start with, announce to your friends and relatives who will frequently question you on the progress.

(These10 Steps to Keep Yourself Motivated is not a complete list, hence I welcome you to add more tips on this.)

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12 Responses to “10 Steps to Keep Yourself Motivated, My Take

  • That is a drun good start for a list that is not finished! Great stuff! Thanks!

  • You certainly kept yourself motivated to write a list so it must work! I’m a very motivated person, but I must have a fragile ego because when things go wrong I very quickly get despondent.

  • Wonderful thoughts. Thank you.

  • Hi! Indrani very great post it is very positive reminder for me too..Thanks, and thank you for the visit.

  • You’ve given all the tips Indy…. the trick is now to follow them :))) Thanks for sharing… They’re realistic and I know it works.

  • This was really good. I’m a firm believer in it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it!

  • Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  • You asked to add another tip..I said to myself

    Read this blog once more!
    Read this blog once more!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • This is exactly what I need just now ..thanks

  • nicely thought about…i think it’s a sure way for wearing your smile tight all through the day. Thanks!

  • Indrani, im going to put up ‘lose that 2 kg’ on my fridge- I shouldnt think 10 but 2 – smaller goals.thanks:-)

  • Thanks Michael.

    Thanks Brenda, I learn a lot from your poems too.

    Thanks Randall, Mimi, Kat.

    Thanks mama Geek… I am flattered.

    Thanks Ashwathy, Maddy… Welcome to my blog.

    Thanks Lakshmi Sharath, Lakshmi Bharadwaj.

    Thanks Kalyani… I am sure you will achieve your goals. 🙂

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