Kailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram

The Kailasanatha Temple is the oldest temple of Kanchipuram. King Rajasimha of Pallava dynasty built this temple in early eighth century. Have you seen anything as old as this?

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Prayers are offered at this temple even today. There is a path around the sanctum which requires the visitors to climb and crawl through narrow edifices and spiraling stairs leading down. If you are ever there, request the priest to take you around that, a very interesting experience even if you don’t attach religious significance to it. It is not disclosed to all, most often they say the darshan timings are over. No photography is permitted inside.

The walls, the pyramidal sikharas are filled with sculptures. These were painted with rich bright colors centuries back, but now nothing remains. All have peeled off, only patches are left here and there in the crevices and deep enclosures which have escaped the wrath of nature.

The temple is built of sandstone and has been renovated in the recent times. It is situated a little away from the more crowded and popular temples of Kanchipuram.

A guaranteed spot to spend some great tranquil moments!

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  • It's mind-boggling to me that something man-made is still standing so perfectly after so many hundreds of years. I'll bet it was quite the sight when colours were still visible.

  • I believe you when you said it's a guaranteed spot for some tranquil moments.

  • That is amazing how old it is and so beautiful. I am always so entranced by bas relief work and this has some fantastic examples.

  • You couldn't build anything today that would stand up 1200 years worth. These places have always fascinated me.

  • I can only echo Hilary! It is indeed mind-boggling that it is still standing! How I would love to visit there!! It's amazing that you can still see traces of the colors! As I've said many times, living in such a young country as the US, it's hard to conceive all of the incredible places that are still, not only standing, but gorgeous. I felt that way when I was in Greece and I would love the opportunity to see these in India! Have a great week, Indrani!!


  • That is an amazing structure!

  • Amazing artwork created 1200 years ago. Is there a reason they do not do modern reconstruction of the colors to bring the sculptures to their full glory? Very good! Thanks for sharing. Please visit my blog.

  • Unique temple shots
    Its amazing handcraft
    those sculptures !!!
    I wonder that the grass is green in your hot country …… LOL
    Here i must always squirt 🙁
    in my garden
    while we have regular rain …..

  • Such a fascinating post and always so different to anything in my world,j

  • Excellent shots of the beautiful temple. Thanks for helping me to revisit these places.

  • Awesome temple survived the test and ravages of time!!! I really liked the interesting piece of information and your photos.

  • This is one of the temples I have heard so much about, but have been unable to visit yet…. beautiful pics

  • wow! excellent sculptures!

    My World on Tuesday

  • What a magnificent place to visit. Great shots of an amazing tempel.

  • Lovely Indra….this is my long pending wish! to visit these amazing temples…

  • 8th century? 1100 years old? Wow.

    Love that row of tubby little people – some of these sculptures have a great sense of humor.

  • Wow — it breathes of ancient times and memories! Glorious.

  • i love the dragons and the fat little dancers.

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  • Very nice pictures. We visited Kanchi one summer few years ago and we had to run since it was so hot that we missed quite a few of these beautiful sights. Thanks for capturing them.

  • aloha,

    what an incredible place and ornate temple, thank you for showing us a little bit of your world for tuesday…

    have a good remainder of the week.

  • It is just so amazing how they have preserved this great architecture of the ancient ruins. Very intricate work of art!

  • I so like the fluid movements of the figures carved into this temple. They are so very graceful. A wonder, to be sure.

  • The 'simha thoon' or the Lion pillars are so majestic…I dont remember my visit there but I know I've been there as a kid. Let's see when time takes me there again..

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  • I am in Madras every year, and every time, I say to myself that I must make a trip to Kanchipuram, and never do! Your photos and writeup have further fueled my determination to go there the next time I'm in Madras!

  • Salute to the artisans and their wonderful sculptures! Amazing!

  • My most favourite haunt. There's something about this place that just overwhelms me each and every time i vist.

  • What a lovely post on the Kailasanatha Temple, and it was just the other day that I was reading about the Pallava dynasty.

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