Just Married, Please Excuse: A Book Review

Title : Just Married, Please Excuse
Author : Yashodhara Lal
Publisher : Harper Collins
ISBN : 978-93-5029-227-3
Number of Pages : 264
Price [INR] : 199
Genre: Fiction

Scene: Open pressure cooker with dal spilled all over

V(the just married husband): How much dal have you just put in?
Y(the just married wife): Two fistfuls
V: Okay fine – so just put in six fistfuls of water now… Beyond a point, I can’t help…

Well, that was a scene from Yashodhara Lal’s book: Just Married, Please Excuse.

Y, an IIM Bangalore MBA graduate in her early twenties, never considered herself the ‘marrying type’. But then ‘romance’ happened! V is old fashioned and doesn’t understand ‘going out. shoing out stuff’. The inevitable happens! MARRIAGE! Both have 7 years and a yawning cultural abyss between them. More ‘inevitables’ happen!

While Y’s young shoulders are apparently too tender to take the responsibilities, V is the adult kind with strong shoulders managing the odd and new situations well. He does provide enough fodder for humor, only they are wrongly timed. Not his fault! Their cultural and intellectual differences and clashes make an interesting read.

The ‘husband expectations’ so typical of our Indian society is mentioned in a very light and subtle manner. The writer surprises us describing how ‘families-in-law’ have kept pace with changes in society and accordingly their expectations! Other characters like Zareena, their house help, Vinod, their polite driver, Vivi their friend add spice to the story of their life.

Unplanned parenting responsibilities too take a toll on their relationship. All differences should have settled and smoothened out with the arrival of their little one, baby Anoushka aka Peanut… but for that small misunderstanding… but … oh I’ll leave you to discover the rest….

The book is full of humorous punches, so take care not to read it in a place surrounded by unknown people. The book is a must read for dating couples to get an idea of the possible humor in life and take the plunge in to matrimony and married couples to look back at their past follies and laugh!

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