Jewish Synagogue and Patios, Cordoba

Jewish Synagogue

Don’t miss out on Jewish Quarters when you visit Cordoba, Spain. It is a criss cross of narrow streets lined with beautiful patios. Jews fled Jerusalem after their Temple of Solomon was destroyed in 70AD. A large group of them settled in Cordoba taking up jobs of doctors, artisans and businessmen. Just one synagogue from that era remains here in Andulasia region and is conserved well.

This synagogue has played different roles after the Jews were driven out in 1492 by the Catholic Kings. It was a hospital for rabies victims for some time and then from 1588 used as shoemaker’s guild. In the 19th century when its origins were recognized, it was declared as national monument. The monument seemed like a very simple structure. You can enter it directly from the street, there is the hallway and from there into the prayer room. A staircase leads to room which must have been once a women’s gallery.



We took some time to locate the monument, getting lost a couple of times. There is a reason for that. The Patios here are a common feature of almost all the houses here. Each had such lush decorative look; one can spend limitless time just gazing at them. Roses, jasmines, geraniums seemed to spill out from the colorful pots. The numerous lanes added to confusion. Just be careful, and don’t overshoot the directions given. Plenty of cafes to have wine and tapas and simply watch the elaborate iron work gates, fountains and freshly white washed walls. The home owners take pride in their mini gardens and some of them have thrown it open to public. These pics are from these houses.



The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain
Bell Tower of Cordoba, Spain

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