Jayamahal Durga Puja, Bangalore

Can you guess where this picture was clicked without scrolling down? 

This was taken in my own Bangalore city!

The pandals that come up during Durga puja in different parts of the city are usually very sober and traditional types. This year Jayamahal Puja pandal was different. It took up ‘Egypt’ as theme. The entrance was through a model of sphinx, the pandal top was like that of an Egyptian pyramid. I have not seen the real one in Egypt, so this was exciting and like me, many others too found it interesting.

The committee members of this pandal had brought a group of talented and experienced artisans and craftsmen from Kolkata to recreate the replica of the famed Sphinx and Pyramid of Egypt in the Durga Puja premises. The artisans were here in Bangalore for more than a month creating the magic.

A walk through the dark tunnels, lit here and there was like a discovery trek, with Egyptian models, paintings and a mummy too. Most of them were made of delicate thermocol and given a good stone like finish with paints. This committee was celebrating its 60th Puja in Bangalore, hence a grand a scale of celebrations!

Goddess Durga and her four children too looked like Egyptians and these were amazing creations by the artisans.



The first two pics are for SkyWatch Friday!

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